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Witness The Determination And Persistence

Of A People Preserving A

Symbol Of Strength

– that does not involve ritualistic animal sacrifice

Begin by reading about the UFFINGTON HORSE. A three thousand year old CHALK HORSE that withstood the storms of time and stands today as a testament to the tenacity of the people who maintained it through all those years.

– lines are being drawn –

It’s time to retire hardball. Everybody plays it–and all it amounts to–at the end of the day–all things being equal in a perfect world, without rushing to judgment–that it is what it is–been there done that–deja vu all over again–on so many different levels. When the other shoe drops, where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s the bottom line. If it walks like a duck, wears lipstick and if the shoe fits, then the moment of truth has arrived. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so it appears to be DOA–dead on arrival.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


You all watch, read and\or listen to the News.

So do Eye.

This site is about the news that interests Me!

Maybe it will interest you Too.


Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



WATCH “OUTLANDER” ON NETFLIX for a view into Scottish Highlander History through Scottish storytelling through the Clava Cairns


England & Northwestern Europe 24%:

Primarily located in: England

Also found in: Belgium, Channel Islands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Wales

Ireland 23%:

Primarily located in: Ireland

Also found in: Channel Islands, England, Faroe Islands, France, Iceland, Isle of Man, Northern Scotland


Baltics 22%:

Primarily located in: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Also found in: Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Scotland 20%:

Primarily located in: Scotland, Northern Ireland

Germanic Europe 5%:

Primarily located in: Germany, Switzerland

Also found in: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia

Norway 4%:

Primarily located in: Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway

Also found in: Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands

Eastern Europe & Russia 2%:

Primarily located in: Belarus, Czechia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

Also found in: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia

Samuel Davies – 30


“A touch of Dutch” my mother said to me of Nanny Kay, my mother’s mother, Katherine Clara Dow Davidson. I often wondered what the majority of the other part was. Sometimes the majority doesn’t matter when it comes to DNA.

After reading about the DUTCH recently, I determined that that’s all I needed along with everything else – the other more prominent nationalities percentage-wise in my heritage portfolio – to develop the FIVE PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE. It’s like an overlay and a foundation at once upon which everything else grew.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make all the flowers bloom.

Thank you Nanny Kay for loving the animals as your friends.

Who was Nanny Kay? Tall, smarter than most her age – skipped three grades in early school – stubborn, lenient, organized, tenacious in a settled way, could and would talk to anybody and everybody unless you did her wrong. Remember this is a TOUCH OF DUTCH as my mother said. Did with less and still walked worked acted with dignity and was the one everybody loved and respected.

When she drove down from New Hampshire arriving in the early morning and I awoke to her laughter with Mom, sitting at the dining table, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Wonder what the DUTCH will do with that?

We all have a place on this beautiful planet. Learning to live together, rather than under threats of harm if one group doesn’t do what the other group demands of them, opens the collective mind of all the inhabitants to multitudinous ways of progressing onto a future where we all survive and thrive.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Word Chef

HAPPY WHITE HORSE™ A GLOBAL PUBLIC SERVICE operating from this location since 2015

Thank you for donating to the continued success of Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™ who shares her work worldwide with no payment or conditions, so all people may have access to the totality of her work via the internet!

Thank you for being part of that dream of accessibility for all!

Word Warrior Davies-Tight

Chef Davies-Tight

A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what HAPPY WHITE HORSE is all about: Seeing a better future, then working to achieve it, starting with one’s own self.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

  • Restricting speech restricts free thought and free action.
  • Restricting speech, restricts ideas, thus enslaves the individual and the group. Enslavement leads to torture and torture leads to slaughter if left unchecked.
  • It is up to us to change ourselves through self-awareness and self-education. It is not our job to change anybody else through harmful and hurtful coercion or punishing tactics.
  • Be the example of peace, not the cause of chaos. You don’t have to be a part of anybody else’s solution, when you direct your own life in your own way, that raises you up, while respecting the lives, not necessarily the ways, of others.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Thank you for donating to the continued success of Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ and MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

SHARON shares her work worldwide with no payment or conditions, so all people may have access to the totality of her work via the internet!

Thank you for being part of that dream of accessibility for all!



I am on a mission to keep animals out of my food, medicine, clothing, non-food products, science, engineering, art, architecture, entertainment…

I do not have to debate the mission.

I already know where I stand.

Using thought, word and deed I transmit my mission to all beings.

Susan Susans: You have beautiful ethos towards animals, but what does the PayPal money go towards?

GLOBAL WORD CHEF:  I pay for all the expenses to develop animal-free recipes and to test animal-free products for investment worthiness.

I own and operate 8+ writing and cooking websites at my expense. I charge no fees, so I make no income even though I work the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs. I haven’t had a paying job for decades.

A little help now and then would be nice.

I’m 72 years old and have been doing this almost my entire adult life. Spreading the word costs money, even if it’s showing up at local places to eat animal-free and do reviews.

The animal-free dishes served to me locally have received more than 2.5 million views on google guides.

I pressure no one to help. But the button is there if they so choose. In three years that only happened once for ten dollars. And I am grateful.

Even those who give their services for free need money to survive, to pay the rent, medical care, transportation fees, clothes, food…

Some people are suspicious of “free” thinking it’s not worthy.

Visit any one of my sites, starting with https://chefdavies-tight.com and https://animal-freesous-chef.com and https://theanimal-freechef.com and https://fat-freechef.com from there the others.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong.

Maybe the world doesn’t want a PLAN FOR A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL. Maybe the world doesn’t want 5 PRINCIPLES that will make that happen.

Maybe the world doesn’t want an Animal-Free Cuisine.

When the animals are no longer considered slaughter-worthy and/or the world moves on to new exploits, the world will turn exclusively to plants.

When it does, I will have already spent decades developing a world class MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE that has already been shared around the world!

And when that happens, the world will want to match with it a plan for a better more peaceful and cooperative future for all. And I will already have spent decades preparing for that.

Although my focus has been on animal rights, throughout my career I knew the shortest way to my goals was to keep the human animal relevant at all stages, so I intertwined all animals including the human animal into one lifelong project.

  • What matters to the human animals matters to me because the human animals are the the ones exploiting, torturing and slaughtering all of the other animals.

That was quite a job and the highest mountain any human ever climbed alone and succeeded!

So why do it for free?

To keep my work corruption-free. When someone pays a salary, they dictate the terms, meaning what and how and when I write, and the type of recipes I develop, and the suggestions I give in all areas of surviving and thriving for all life.

In addition, I chose not to put my name on other people’s words who work behind the scenes as contributors.

I take credit and responsibility for all of my art – from writing to cooking to painting to activism. That’s who I am and how I prefer to fly.

If and when donations come in they will improve the quality of my life, not my work.


DROP A DIME INTO THE BAG!! become the dream!

REMEMBERING MAMA ANIMAL-FREE CHEF excerpt from Birth Of A Seed SNOW Collection