Hellman’s Mayonnaise claims to have lost millions of dollars, because companies like ‘Just Mayo’ are actually mayonnaise substitutes and eggless – not real mayonnaise.

Hellman’s is claiming millions of dollars in damages, to recoup losses that the animal-free mayonnaise companies are making at Hellman’s expense (essentially, taking business away from Hellman’s – primarily because people want more healthy options and/or don’t want to participate in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals).

All Hellman’s has to do is make an eggless mayonnaise and make a darn good one, then compete in the mayo market like adults, rather than behave like children having a temper tantrum, because they’re too stuck in their ways to produce a healthy product. They lose money because they still live in a cave. Rather than change their own product line to include a healthy alternative, they ask some judge to make the healthy alternative folks pay for their (Hellman’s) profit loss – rather than earn those profits back on their own.

I’ve tasted Just Mayo and it’s delicious! Egg-based mayonnaise to me tastes like Elmer’s glue smells.

Hellman’s wouldn’t have sued unless they knew they could win. Sounds like money is going to exchange hands behind the scenes in the halls of justice.

Who passed a law, in the first place, citing what mayonnaise had to have in it to be called mayonnaise? It’s ludicrous. It’s not like we’re talking pharmaceuticals here. The word ‘mayonnaise’ is a generic term for a creamy condiment.

Does ketchup have the same laws defining what must be contained in ketchup and the specific ratio of ingredients? How about mustard? Relish? There are all kinds of ketchups, mustards and relishes. Add to any of these condiments a creamy component and you’ve created a ketchup mayo, a mustard mayo, a relish mayo.

This law suit is frivolous and filed with the sole purpose of putting the alternative mayonnaise people out of business. The big guns with the big money thus power are going after alternative food companies that provide what people want – something other than what the food monopolies shove down their throats with laws designed to keep people eating what they no longer want.

This is not the American way – the way of free enterprise – or at least it shouldn’t be. The judicial system needs to stay out of determining who can stay in business and who can’t. They need to stay out of telling you what you can eat, and from which companies you can or can’t purchase your food. Everybody knows that millions of dollars in law suits and money awards can sink any company, and discourage future companies from starting up – which translates to a corrupt judiciary controlling our food sources, controlling the ingredients in recipes, controlling the labor force, and controlling what is available for you to eat.

There’s nothing wholesome about Hellman’s tactics and nothing wholesome about a product made from ingredients that contain salmonella, that gets deactivated before bottling it, but when left at room temperature for just a little while can and often does still cause food poisoning. There’s nothing wholesome about enslaving, torturing and slaughtering animals to create this creamy substance from hell.

Nobody should own the word ‘ mayonnaise or mayo’. No law or judge should have the right to dictate what is in a recipe or the ratio of ingredients in any recipe. In some way this will backfire on Hellman’s – and it should. Corrupt laws used by corrupt companies, lawyers and judges to hurt honest, hard-working, innovative people need to be abolished. Hellman’s intent to destroy these people and companies via a corrupt judicial system speaks loudly to the integrity of who these people really are.


UPDATE: Hellman’s develops a Vegan mayonnaise called HELLMAN’S VEGAN DRESSING & SPREAD



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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