Health alerts: Blueberries and blood pressure, walnuts and dementia


Health Alerts: A weekly look at the latest news you need to lead a healthier life.

Blueberries aid blood pressure control

A cup of blueberries just may keep the doctor away.

Researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 postmenopausal women ages 45 to 65 with high blood pressure. Half ate 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder (equivalent to a cup of blueberries) daily for eight weeks. The others ate an identical-looking and tasting placebo.

The study, in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that those who ate the blueberry preparation saw an average 5.1 percent decrease in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 6.3 percent decrease in diastolic pressure. Levels of nitric oxide, known to be involved in relaxing and widening blood vessels, increased significantly in the blueberry eaters. There were no significant changes in the placebo group.

The improvement, the scientists wrote, was moderate compared with that of blood-pressure medicines. But, they said, eating blueberries in larger amounts or for longer periods could increase the effect.



The category is Health Alerts: A weekly look at the latest news you need to lead a healthier life. Dallas, Texas.

So I see “ALERT”, then health, then blueberries teamed with blood pressure, and walnuts teamed with dementia. Alert is always bad. Alert is never good. Alert means impending possible, probable danger. So, what’s the point of giving mixed messages in this so-called health alert? Blueberries and walnuts are injurious to your health. One will raise your blood pressure and the other will cause dementia. “The latest news you need to lead a healthier life”. 

They said it, not me. Blueberries and walnuts have for a very long time been considered healthy for consumption. So what’s the latest news regarding them, what’s the alert, what’s the news I have to have, now, to lead a healthier life, that I didn’t already have, didn’t already know?

We’ve already been told that our DNA determines whether we get dementia or not (and I don’t like that word, by the way, implying that people whose memories become impaired, are somehow ‘demented’ aka ‘crazy’ aka ‘mentally disturbed’ people).

It’s already written, already been determined, and there’s nothing you can do about whether you get dementia or not. So what’s with the walnut ALERT? Oh, walnuts are good for us. We already knew that. But walnuts cannot cure, nor slow the progression of, dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, any more than eating a handful of blueberries every now and then will cure your blood pressure and/or heart disease problems.

Everyday we see a new listing of a food that can prevent, stop or cure Progressive Cognitive Impairment (PCI) – yes, that’s my new phrase and acronymn for what all you lazy people keep calling dementia, because you like to humiliate people who have cognitive impairment.  Except for fish oil – recommended by everybody, only because again everybody was too lazy to think on their own two feet – those foods are always plant-based. You never hear that eating eggs, cheese and animal hides or drinking the blood of those beings slaughtered will cure all that ails you, yet these same government agencies continue to support the slaughter industries that are basically killing us, and if not quickly, then slowly – through the likes of high blood pressure and dementia.

Blueberries and walnuts? ALERT? Where’s the alert for the diseases we get from cows, chickens, lambs, deer, bears and all the other animals, turtles, sharks, shrimp…? What slow-killing diseases are they causing in humans? None did you say?

Consider this. How many people think that by eating muscle tissue of another animal, it makes our muscles stronger? How many people think that by eating the fat of another animal it makes us more fat? How many think that by eating the brains of a smart animal, it makes us smarter? How many people think that by eating the bones of an animal, it makes our bones strong, or by drinking the milk of another species, it makes our teeth resistant to caries? Answer? Just about everybody. Even doctors, nurses and scientists.

Consider this. When you ingest/consume and process via your circulatory/blood/nerve/muscular/skeletal/endocrine/digestive systems the DNA of another species or your own species, that DNA becomes relevant to all processes within your organism that the foreign DNA interacted with – on any and all levels. Ever wonder why people addicted to McDonald’s Slaughter Anything You Want Menu, all the while Lovin’ It’? begin looking and acting like cows?

Ever notice how rich people concerned about their weight, who will only eat chicken (skinned) and fish (skinned), begin looking and acting like chickens and fish?

Ever notice how people who eat lamb, start acting afraid every time they eat one – like they’ve got to be blessed and be in a group where everybody else is doing it, so they won’t be singled out as the executioner of somebody kind and meek?

I know you see what I see. You just didn’t express it in quite the same way. If you think that you’re going to get smarter by eating what you call a dumb animal, then I will question your judgment and your intelligence.

It’s the DNA of all the animals you’re eating that’s causing all the problems with the ‘slowly killing you’ part of your existence.

The ‘slowly killing you’ part, via high blood pressure and dementia (PCI), so that a few people can make a whole bunch of money as you slowly die, is what keeps animal-abusing industries/businesses, and the governments that invest in those businesses, motivated and energized to continue the cycle – because the length of the cycle is just profitable enough, whereby they can make a killing in and at the market, at the table, every single time an animal is slaughtered for your plate.

And the government, through the power they wield to influence all Americans via all forms of the media, makes sure that you keep wanting and buying those they slaughter in your name, for the sake of your good health they say, as they keep telling you, “You’re Lovin’ It”.

Unfortunately for all concerned, You’re Believin’ It!

Most people don’t read articles, they read headlines or scroll. Yup, walnuts cause dementia. Wife buys walnuts, husband says, you’re not going to eat those are you? Wife says yeah, why? Husband says don’t give me any and I wouldn’t eat those if I were you. I saw an article on the internet that said walnuts cause dementia. Nuts, get it? You’ll go nuts if you eat nuts. I’m eating steak. Get those nuts away from me.

McDonald’s (a generic term for the slaughter industry) is crafty. You’re lovin’ it, you’re believin’ it, and you’re eating steak instead of nuts – all from reading/scrolling one headline: HEALTH ALERTS “BLUEBERRIES AND BLOOD PRESSURE, WALNUTS AND DEMENTIA”

Feel the power of Advertisement?


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