No nation on earth would allow any other nation, especially one proud to be its forever enemy, unfettered access to its military bases/installments, no matter what the reason.

The Israeli demand via USA Secretary of State John Kerry, at the Austrian talks in Vienna, is purposely made knowing that no country worth its salt would comply. The USA and Israel would laugh at the notion that an enemy state demanded of them unfettered access to their military bases. And the USA and Israel are the most active participants in spreading terror by keeping their own use of nuclear weapons on the table during any and all negotiating processes, and acting as the world’s go-to mafia boss nations, to solve the problems of other nations for a price.

Israel is the nation preventing an agreement, because they don’t want an agreement – any agreement. They want to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability in total, putting any dreams of peaceful nuclear power usage on hold for at least another decade. Israel further wants the economic sanctions against Iran to stay in place. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had his way, they would never be lifted.

Look at the billions of dollars that Iran will amass if the sanctions are lifted, talking heads in the Israeli controlled USA press shriek in defense of Israel! (What this is really about is Jewish Jealousy. Israel’s envy of Arab/Persian oil).

Look at the billions of dollars the USA and Israel amass through their joint war machines, bombing, then leaving in shambles nations they deem unfit to compete in the world against their special brand of economic terrorism – meaning let us own you or we bomb you.

Remove Israel from the ‘table of talk’ and sign a deal before it’s too late. Israel does not and never will deserve a seat at that table, whether it be in person or behind the shadow of the USA-Israeli curtain, while it remains an occupier of any other nation.

Trying to control in the present what will or won’t happen thirteen years down the road of evolution, considering the rapid pace at which the planet is changing in all directions, is futile. Trying to keep a nation poor forever is futile. It won’t work. It hasn’t worked. It will never work. Forces unseen now, will rise up against the oppressor and their names will not be ISIS and ISIL. Their names will be quite familiar.

Enslaving nations for any reason, using any method, needs to end.

The USA and Israel went way to far with Iran. Any other nation would have pummeled both the USA and Israel by now. That they didn’t, will be recorded now and historically to their credit.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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