I was watching CNN the other day where different people were talking about El Chapo, the once top drug kingpin, who recently escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico.

I’m listening to this one guy talk and thought, oh my goodness, it’s like an ad appealing to young men, almost recruiting them to go into the drug business.

It went something like this:

Talking about El Chapo:

‘…a man who has been at the heart of the drug trade industry since the 1970’s…since eight years old taking opium…he was fifteen years old dealing with cocaine…now he’s a billionaire…this is a massively powerful person.’

I’m sure that guy didn’t mean for it to sound the way it sounded, but anybody thinking about a career in the drug trade industry had to take note. Whoa.

Whatever happened to “this is your brain on drugs?” Looks like the drugs didn’t do his brain any harm. Somebody who can be on hard drugs his whole life and amass a billion dollars to where he is a ‘massively powerful person’ had to be thinking with something.

Update: Somebody asked me once, how do you catch a terrorist? I said as I have always said, “I bring them out into the open”.

Sorry Sean Penn, didn’t mean to bring you into this. But as long as Hollywood is CIA controlled, then you knew the risk, and they backed you on it. You’ll be okay.

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