Goat Cheese Farmers Give it All Up to Make Vegan Cheese Instead

by Abigail Geer from CARE2

August 2, 2015

After 20 years as award winning goat cheese farmers, Carol and Julian Pearce have decided to give it all up and make vegan cheese instead.

Still in the transition phase from farm to sanctuary, these two compassionate farmers decided that there was simply no way they could continue to justify bringing more life into the world while there were so many being mistreated and murdered, and in desperate need of a new home.

The No Kill Goat Cheese Farm

Having always identified themselves as being animal lovers and compassionate carers, their goat cheese business was a ‘no kill’ farm, where the animals were not slaughtered after their production days were over, but instead would live out the rest of their natural life on the farm.

As well as the no kill farm, the couple had already been taking in abused and abandoned goats, pigs, cows, horses, chickens, ducks and dogs for many years, and this is what ultimately led to the decision to halt their profitable farm business, in order to pursue an altogether more ethical cheese making venture.

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MY COMMENT: This is just the beginning. The future that’s running to meet us tells us that farming animals for food or any other reason is not sustainable planet-wide for much longer. There needs to be an alternative, and the alternative is growing plants to make from that form of nature whatever we choose. Farming living beings is not the answer.

Enslaving, torturing and slaughtering is not the correct choice for those who suffer the enormous, almost unfathomable, pain of it; it is not the correct choice for those who eat their suffering, only to sustain long-term illnesses from ingesting it; and it’s not the correct environmental choice for the preservation of the billions of humans who inhabit the planet. The costs all the way around are simply too high.

Transforming cruelty-based farming to plant-based farming can be done, it must be done, it will be done – by somebody. The possibilities of what we can make out of plants is limitless! It’s time to change the world, before the world changes us – in maybe not such a nice way. We’ve seen and heard all the warning signs. Now it’s up to us to heed them.

Thank you, Carol and Julian Pearce, for lighting the way for the rest of us through your noble journey – a transformation in lifestyle that makes good common sense, good ethical sense, good business sense and good scientific sense.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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