One can’t sanitize the garbage that comes out of Donald Trump’s mind by calling it politically incorrect, as Donald himself has claimed it to be. Garbage in, garbage out. So I’m guessing that his so-called politically incorrect speech is his way of clearing out everybody else’s garbage that enters his space – immediately without hesitation, without debate, without any kind of internal consideration he hurls it right back at them – or waits a few hours, then attacks.

And he’s vicious doing it; he’s mean as all get out in comparison to the insult or inaccurate blurb hurled at him in a semi-politically correct manner. And he doesn’t let up. He buries the person in insults. He sees something, hears something that’s inaccurate to his way of thinking, and he jumps in protest – a long, drawn-out protest. Counter-punching he calls it. Problem is, he’s almost always in that mode. Here we go again, Rosie O’Donnell all over again.

Politically incorrect implies gaffes, social type gaffes, that everybody seems to want to avoid like the plague, and for good reason. We’ve all seen how people’s careers and lives get ruined by saying something that is identified as politically incorrect. The vengeance that comes out of the group offended toward the individual who spoke in a politically incorrect way, is just plain vicious. It tears the politically incorrect statement or word an individual uttered, into shreds of human flesh, burning at the pit, devoured by the offended in orgasmic satisfaction. It is repulsive.

But then comes Donald Trump and does a turn about. He’s the one tearing to shreds the ones who usually tear everybody else to shreds via the nightly news and cable news channels. They sit in judgement of everybody else, day after day, night after night; they get it their way, because they not only have the last word, they have every word. There’s no rebuttal by the masses. The opinion of the masses never gets heard – unless it’s through a government agency pretending to be the person on the street, or the person on social media, speaking on behalf of the street.

Well, you know what? Donald Trump is saying what the populace is thinking, and everybody is shocked. Even the government agencies who thought all along that they were getting it ‘right on’ reading the thoughts of  the average American somebody – only to find out they couldn’t have been more wrong. Edward Snowden, NSA whistle-blower, gets it right again. And Donald Trump is getting away with it. And everybody is loving every second of it. They want more. They don’t really care who he insults, just keep doing it.

I don’t believe that’s his strategy; that’s just him. He can’t help himself. And by him not being able to help himself, he is helping everybody else by raising issues, whereby he is the offending person; he is putting himself out there as the offender, so issues that nobody talks about get talked about. Not on purpose. It’s just happening that way. Immigration (rapists and drug dealers coming across the borders), calling out Senator John McCain for exploiting his military service for personal gain – year after year after decade, [then voted for torture] (my insert); using the rape word to describe some immigrants coming across the southern border, then to be accused of rape himself by a previous wife in a divorce proceeding, who then retracted it, but it raised the issue of spousal rape. And everybody talked about it. And now that he’s going at it with journalist, Megyn Kelly, over sexist comments he made to and about women, the sexist word is being bantered about. People are taking a stand, though it might be short-lived, against disparaging comments made toward women by men. It’s front and center in the news.

Donald Trump is again saying what everybody’s thinking, or what people are saying privately away from the camera and microphone. What he says about women, are views that most of the male population hold towards women. The way he talks about women is the way men talk about women, when women aren’t around – and often even when they are.

The other candidates weren’t so offended by his sexist comments; they were more concerned about Trump poisoning the pool of nominees, that could hurt each individual’s chance of becoming that nominee, based on how much the public thought each nominee to mirror Trump’s thoughts. But of course the greater concern is being able to win an election in 2016 with the sexist label pinned on the lapel of the Republican party, even though they are sexist. Being against an equal rights amendment for women, against equal pay for equal work, being against a woman’s right to choose to do what she wants to do with her own body, then taking away the right to purchase birth control pills under certain health insurance policies all add up to sexism.

The Democrats are sexist too, so don’t anybody kid themselves here. Half the human race and most of the female race is sexist toward women. Is that the women’s own fault. No.

I spoke about it for years, everybody laughed, said be a good sport, laugh at yourself, don’t take life so seriously, you create your own problems in life, if somebody doesn’t give you a promotion, it’s because you didn’t fight like a man, or you could get pregnant and need time off, or the most damaging: it makes a woman look weak to be pointing out sexism where sexism breeds.

Sexism is a problem in all people’s lives. But it’s not a problem caused by women or that can be fixed by women. It’s like telling the tortured person to stop their own torture by compliance, but even if the tortured person complies, the torture continues. It is the offender that must change, not the one victimized. Well, consider yourself a victim and sure you’re going to get victimized. They always have a smart answer don’t they? Always a way to blame the person they’re bullying for the reason why they got bullied. Fight back, be like they are. Rosie O’Donnell did that and the fight went on forever. I don’t know who finally won, but Donald Trump got the last word in on the night of the Republican debate just by mentioning her name, and everybody had a big laugh at her expense.

Jeb Bush said that pregnant girls should be publicly shamed for getting pregnant. Here comes that scarlet letter directed only at the ‘evil’ girl for letting herself get pregnant. How about the ‘evil’ boy, that played a greater than fifty-percent role in that pregnancy? No public shaming for him? Herein lies the bias. The prejudice. The sexism. The problem is, I don’t think Jeb Bush was just shooting his mouth off. I think he believes what he said, even though he’ll have to at some point back pedal that thought.

Donald Trump may have a sizzle over substance strategy, and it might work. But the second the populace thinks that he’s playing them, it’ll be over before Trump can open his mind to speak.

Donald Trump keeps saying that he doesn’t have time to be politically correct, but he seems to have an inordinate, endless amount of time to be politically incorrect. Therein lies the contradiction – massive detail regarding every insult, offense, vengeance generated tit for tat, but slow and low on the details of any comprehensive or substantive plan on any issue that concerns Americans.

Build a wall, bomb ISIS, make deals with China, Russia, Mexico, and now he loves women is all I’ve gotten out of all he has said to date. The tit for tat drowns out everything else. The tit for tat is what people remember. And for a while maybe it’s best to address these other issues brought to the forefront by Donald Trump, and to keep them in the forefront. It’s time that women’s rights become a foundation of the platform of both parties – and not just reproduction rights, all rights.

In the afternoon debate, nearly all candidates, maybe all, firmly stated that they would undo every single executive order by President Obama immediately upon taking office. What mind are they pandering to? Obviously not the mind that they thought was the mind of the average Republican American, otherwise they wouldn’t all be so shocked at Donald Trump’s popularity.

All candidates from both parties need to rethink the individual and collective mind of America. Know that they think like you think, not how you speak (except for Donald). Come up with something new for a change. Give a condensed, detailed plan, not a bumper sticker. I think the public is telling the candidates that they have a brain, even though nobody is believing it – yet. They want clarity. They want truth. They’re sick and tired of being lied to and treated as if they’re brainless, and couldn’t figure out anything on their own.

Right now, people think pretty much how I think. After all the talking dust settles, it doesn’t matter who gets into office, or what party wins, they’re all basically the same; the only difference being the temperament of the individual.

Represent the people, not what you think is best for the people, because they’re too dumb to know what you know is in their best interest. How arrogant and self-serving is that?

Make policy plans that will help all Americans soar, not suffer because of your policy mistakes of the past. The one percent may pay for your run, but you can’t win with one percent of the vote.

The smooth talking political candidate isn’t working anymore. Unfortunately, or fortunately, repulsive now attracts. Repulsive raised some issues that are indeed repulsive and need to be worked on in every sector of society. Had someone come forward and just been honest, absent the insults (and everybody is hurling them), I believe the people would have put their energy behind that person. People want raw (and in this case, raw became repulsive), because raw they can at least understand as real, and then they choose to agree or disagree – based on facts, not rhetoric. It is not the candidate’s job to choose for them. That’s exactly what people don’t want.

All you can do as a candidate is to choose to be the best candidate that you can be for ‘we the people’ by thinking like they think, which is like you think! People across the board, are more informed than they’ve ever been. Know that, understand that going forward. Nobody likes being talked down to, so talk up.

Big soul hug to all candidates from all parties from yours truly.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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