I’m not here recommending a product, since I haven’t tried it.

However, when back home on a trip to Massachusetts, I saw in a grocery store something that caught my eye.

If you didn’t guess it, by the photo of Abe Lincoln with rose colored glasses, plus a reality lens – the blue one – then I’m here to show you.

American Farmer Popcorn has been in business for two years, according to their video. They started out by popping two different types of corn kernels for maximum flavor, then added sugar and salt to it. They then developed other flavors that I’m going to assume contain animal products. I’m also going to assume that the sugar and salt variety doesn’t.

The website doesn’t work very well – couldn’t click on “click here for more info”, nor “click here to read more”. I was able, however, to view the videos. I didn’t take the time to read the ingredient labels in the grocery, because I was with family who were doing shopping and didn’t want to delay anybody. But really, I didn’t care about the ingredients; I just cared about the glasses.


Anything look familiar here?

Take a look at their site to learn more about their mission >


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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