Cattle will no longer be commercially slaughtered in the North Star state.

Officials of the PM Beef processing plant in Windom, MN announced that the facility—the last beef packing plant in the state—is shutting its doors December 11, and that slaughter had ceased in late September. A lessened demand for beef products coupled with a drought-stricken supply were cited as reasons for the closure.

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Southwest Minnesota beef plant to shut down

By Mike Hughlett Star Tribune OCTOBER 13, 2015 — 8:57PM

…Several U.S. beef processing plants have closed in the past few years, as the U.S. cattle herd has shrunk to historic lows.

Last year, Dakota Premium Foods closed its beef operation in South St. Paul, axing 300 jobs. In August, Tyson Foods said it would shutter a western Iowa beef slaughterhouse that employs 400 people. National Beef closed a California plant with 1,300 workers last year, and Minnetonka-based Cargill in 2013 shut down a massive plant in Texas that employed about 2,000.
The shutdown wave “is probably not over yet,” said Derrell Peel, a livestock specialist at Oklahoma State University’s agricultural extension service…




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