Marco Rubio, Republican presidential candidate, uses one American Express card for both personal and GOP work-related purchases/charges. He apparently sees nothing wrong with it, aside from admitted sloppy bookkeeping – or too lazy to carry two cards, or the American Express card looks more impressive to friends/associates than does his MasterCard, so he uses the American Express Card for personal purchases/charges.

When he gets his American Express bill, that actually is a GOP Party expense account, he goes over it to calculate what was work-related and what was personal, then sends a check for the personal stuff to American Express. The rest gets paid by the GOP Party. Something like that.

Now see, this is where things get fuzzy. I don’t care how he pays his bills, or what fancy wining and dining he does at the expense of donors. After all, if he’s their man, then why wouldn’t anybody want their man to step out in style?

But it’s that hypocrisy thing. He jumped all over Hillary for having only one email account, an account that she used for both personal and work-related stuff. Although nothing was sinister in practice, she eventually realized that what she thought to be more efficient at the time, turned out to be more cumbersome.

All the Republican candidates piled on Clinton, even implying that she should be prosecuted for the breach. Rubio was one of the loudest critics. And here he is, doing the same thing – only with credit cards – using somebody else’s money for his personal charges/purchases and then paying them back – so to speak – at the end of the month.

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with any of it – with what Hillary did or Rubio. Government and business alike are all about cutting corners, being more efficient, how can we do this more expediently? How do we rob Peter to pay Paul? Well folks, the government does it best, they do it all the time, everyone does it. I would be more worried about a candidate who never was late with a payment, or never had to figure out how to make ends meet, or never had to take a loss on a bad investment.

Arrogant Americans seeking to ruin a person’s chances for a certain career because they want to work efficiently – or because they can’t get done all they need to get done, to go where they need to go to look impressive when applying for that top job, because they are not rich, which means they have to manuever their funds to get done what’s needed – are what’s wrong with America. Yes, arrogant Americans!

The perfect candidate isn’t about doing the right thing all the time. Sometimes seeking perfection results in becoming too detailed-oriented, whereby we seek perfection in every detail, just for the sake of achieving perfection. But at the end, all we did was become a neat-freak in our approach to all problems.

I find that people who always pay their bills on time and always plan for every unexpected turn of events, are pretty rigid people. Not flexible, not problem solvers. They prepare for every problem in advance, so they never have to figure out how to circumvent or get out of a problem. Money is their answer to everything.

I’m more concerned about the 43 million dollars spent on a gas station in Afghanistan, that shouldn’t have cost more than 1 million, than I am about a boat that Rubio bought for 80,000.00 of his own money.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming here. It’s okay when we do it, but we raise the roof when somebody else does the same thing. How about we all stop tearing at each other’s flesh? How about we all stop trying so hard to ruin each other’s reputation and focus on enhancing our own?

I don’t mind the theater, as long as it’s a theater of substance.

Who’s running these campaigns anyway? Sounds like big business focusing on email servers and credit cards. I don’t want to hear about email servers and emails, or credit cards or what people buy with them. Nobody cares. Do you get it? Nobody.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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