November 6, 2015 by Amanda Froelich

Yao Ming partnered with WildAid to show people how their food habits were destroying shark populations around Asia.

Those who have the ability to contribute to positive change have a responsibility to. We’ve witnessed this with Manchester United football stars, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, who are allowing homeless individuals to stay in their hotel during the winter until renovation begins in the spring, and now with ex-NBA basketball star Yao Ming.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that Yao Ming, a basketball star who once led his Houston team to four championship tournaments in America, has been working for almost a decade to ban shark fin soup, a delicacy in his home country China. 

In 2006 Ming joined a campaign to ban the soup, and nine years later his efforts have been hailed as crucial in transforming Chinese attitudes about the tradition.

Yao agreed to be the face of U.S. based conservation group WildAid and used his status to make people aware of how their food habits were destroying shark populations around Asia.

In the television ad above, Ming is about to dine on soup. He hears that 70 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins, and looks up from his soup to see a wounded shark in an aquarium tank.

In disgust, he pushes his soup away. Other people in the restaurant who are watching him follow his lead and do the same.

And, that’s pretty much what has happened in real life…

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Source: Yao Ming, Ex-NBA Star, Saves Millions Of Sharks From Slaughter


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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