King Of Cleveland??

Lebron James of the Cavaliers Basketball team is not the King of Cleveland. He does not represent Clevelanders. He represents himself only. He brought an underage girl who was in his entourage into a casino in Cleveland. The security officer knowing that James must know the law let them in without checking their identifications. TheContinue reading “King Of Cleveland??”


Pledging Allegiance To A Race

If you pledge allegiance to a race, instead of a country, then you are a terrorist without a country waiting to be called. Colin Kaepernick has been radicalized. All those who kneel before their leader are terrorists answering that call. If you pledge allegiance to a country and you kneel, then you’ve just been terrorized.Continue reading “Pledging Allegiance To A Race”

The Right To Vote Unencumbered By Guilt

Michelle Obama sought to encumber the women who voted for Donald Trump with guilt as she spoke about their actions and them as women in disparaging terms. According to Michelle Obama, “As far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice”. She goes on with, “You didn’t likeContinue reading “The Right To Vote Unencumbered By Guilt”

North Korea Needs A Father

Kim Jong Un likes being called Rocket Man. Basketball player says he likes cool things. Rockets. Kim Jong Un does not fear Donald Trump. He wants to engage him. That President Trump responded in kind tells Kim that Trump could be partner. A country isolated so long makes stretching mistakes when confronted by those outside.Continue reading “North Korea Needs A Father”

NFL Players Attack Trump’s Right To Free Speech

NFL players respond to President Trump’s stand on firing those players who take a knee during the singing of the National Anthem. “Trump Stay in ur place” they retorted on Twitter. I say, then stay in your own place and play ball. He wouldn’t have to scold your opportunistic, exploitive, disruptive bad behavior if youContinue reading “NFL Players Attack Trump’s Right To Free Speech”