Black Lives Were In The Neighborhood Last Evening

Boundaries were crossed. The backyard to the building I live in does not constitute as the neighborhood, but that’s how one person treated it. It is private property – not a gathering place for outsiders.

Friday 22 September 2017 a young adult black man dressed in a black skirt and a red blouse sporting an afro haircut entered the backyard uninvited and proceed to verbally assault a young white granddaughter and then her old white grandmother in a wheelchair. Then he/she verbally abused and physically threatened with a poke, a brick and threat gestures, the other elderly tenants sitting in the same backyard at a picnic table.

This happened in the early evening and continued for at least twenty minutes, while I shouted from my apartment window to attempt to break his/her stride and keep her from throwing a brick at the wheel-chaired white woman, who was being taunted and screamed at to throw the brick at the black man/woman.

She’d retreat, then turn around and lunge, retreat, come back closer again and again till she ran to pick up this brick that looked like it was going to be thrown, then slammed it on the picnic table and tried to force the white woman to pick it up and throw it at her. He/she shouted obscenities getting up close to her face, screaming like a drill sergeant on T.V.

She heard me, she eventually left, after returning several times to finish her violent rant about white trash. She did all this in front of the young white girl whom she told was going to grow up to be a horrible person like her grandmother, and who was the initial target of the abuse.

At one point when he/she returned, he/she tried to divide and conquer the group by separating with his/her arms the people, saying these were okay, but these were not.

Another time, he/she grabbed his/her large purse, put it around his/her shoulder with the purse facing forward beneath her abdomen, and while she screamed, kept touching it and looking at it, which made me think he/she had a gun.

He/she poked the wheel-chaired woman in the upper arm with an exaggerated long-fingered poke, wanting the woman to strike back. She did not strike back and she did not pick up the brick. There were two black women in the group. None of them seemed able to deter the abuser, though I couldn’t hear all of what the others were saying. They maintained their calm.

When I finally went out, they were visibly shaken. Nobody knew who she was, and thought she was taking a short cut to the next street over. Short cut or not it was a planned hit. It was simply too orchestrated.

The management told me when I was in the office signing a lease , while also voicing security concerns that they (meaning National Church Residences) don’t care about security.

On Friday and Saturday evenings all the local places have a police presence, yet we have none and we’re in the center of a lot of street activity. We need a security presence on those two evenings. Eight years asking. Eight years, “one thing at a time”.

We need a gated backyard that discourages people from cutting through. It’s already set up for a gate, they have the door to the gate. Eight years asking. Eight years, “one thing at a time”.

A lighted walkway in the back. Eight years asking. Eight years, “one thing at a time”.

A new back door or a dead bolt lock. Presently there is an inside door lock on an outside door and people often use a screwdriver to enter. In winter sometimes it takes thirty or more seconds to open. Their cure is WD40, when it should be ‘change the lock’. Eight years asking. Eight years, “one thing at a time”.

They don’t want to change keys. They want the tenants to be able to unlock the mailbox, the back door, the rest rooms, the laundry room, the computer room, storage locker room and any other room with the same key.

Somebody could have died last night or been severely injured, because this Black Lives Terrorist knew he/she had unfettered access to all the old white people he/she wanted, or could want in the future.

Our backyard is our backyard. We need to feel safe there – and not subject to Black Lives Terror strategies. No one should be in our back yard unless they’re a tenant or an invited guest. We pay for that yard. We don’t want it corrupted by hate. We don’t want to fear stepping out into our own yard in the early evening or any time else. And we don’t want our grandchildren to live in fear.

We don’t go into your private backyards. Keep out of ours.


This sign appears beside the door with the lock often opened with a screw driver. There is no surveillance of that door. Everybody knows it.




By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Till now and forever © by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef, activist. It's free to share with proper credit, not to own and/or share as your own. THINK HAPPY!

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