King Of Cleveland??

Lebron James of the Cavaliers Basketball team is not the King of Cleveland. He does not represent Clevelanders. He represents himself only.

He brought an underage girl who was in his entourage into a casino in Cleveland. The security officer knowing that James must know the law let them in without checking their identifications. The young girl went to purchase an alcoholic drink, got carded by the bartender, and as a result the security officer who let her in with James Lebron got fired.

Now where’s the justice there? Everybody knew what happened. Word travels fast. – especially when it involves such a public and controversial figure. However, it never appeared in the newspapers.

He disrespected a young girl by bringing her into a casino. He disrespected the casino and the casino’s owner, Dan Gilbert. He disrespected a security officer in uniform and he disrespected Cleveland. He disrespected the law.

Yet, one of the demands Black Lives Talking Heads on T.V. are making is that they want respect.

Frankly, that’s a strange way of demanding respect – by disrespecting those from whom you demand it.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, came out in defense of the freedom speech rights of Lebron James. He approved of his anti-Trump tirade. He approves of political gestures and commentary made at games. These guys are rich, which means privileged.

Those security officers, considering they are targets by the likes of the Lebrons James’ of the world, make very little money. He knew the law. He didn’t like the law. A person got fired because of his irresponsible attitude toward the law.

That security officer had no freedom speech rights at Dan Gilbert’s casino. No employee would be allowed to protest by making politically charged speeches or gestures at his casino.

That’s a place of entertainment after all.

He spent $2,500.00 and didn’t leave a tip, which means he also disrespected the people waiting on him.

Lebron James is not the King of anyone – not in Cleveland, not anywhere.

No King would act that way – by openly disrespecting so many people.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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