Domestic Terrorists Want Your Money

All terrorist organizations need money to survive. Consequently, Black Lives Terror Organization is scouting out appropriate candidates: individuals, businesses, groups with deep pockets and anyone or any entity whom they think will fear them enough to throw a bunch of money at them. If it’s happening in Cleveland, it’s happening elsewhere. It costs money toContinue reading “Domestic Terrorists Want Your Money”



Steve just called after arriving to work, as he does each day he goes to work, to let me know he arrived safely, since he knows I worry with Black Lives Terrorists publicly stating that they’re targeting old white people. We live in Cleveland, and although the mayor doesn’t think there’s an issue in Cleveland,Continue reading “WORLD WAR III – AGAINST WHO?!”

UPS, FedEx shares drop on fears Amazon starting delivery service

Delivery company shares are declining as investors worry Amazon is about to disrupt the industry. Amazon spooks UPS, FedEx investors over fears that the retail giant will start making its own deliveries Shares of UPS and FedEx fell 3.3 percent and 2.2 percent respectively in Thursday’s premarket session. Bloomberg News is reporting Amazon is tryingContinue reading “UPS, FedEx shares drop on fears Amazon starting delivery service”

For Those Who Think Slavery Doesn’t Exist

  Australia’s ‘Modern Slavery’ Proposal Falls Short | Human Rights Watch In mid-August Australia’s justice minister proposed a new law requiring the country’s biggest companies to report on their practices and policies to prevent forced labour in their operations and supply chains. The government wants to ensure that consumer products like food, electronics, and clothing – whetherContinue reading “For Those Who Think Slavery Doesn’t Exist”

China: Abolish Secret Detention But Ensure Rights Protections 

New York, October 18, 2017) – Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pledge to abolish the abusive shuangguiinternal party disciplinary system will only be meaningful if its replacement ensures rights protections for detainees, Human Rights Watch said today. In his opening remarks to the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing on October 18, 2017, President XiContinue reading “China: Abolish Secret Detention But Ensure Rights Protections “

On the death penalty, Francis is going where no pope has gone before – The Boston Globe

In pronouncing the death penalty “contrary to the Gospel,” Francis appears to be saying something that none of his predecessors ever said. By Jeff Jacoby GLOBE COLUMNIST  OCTOBER 18, 2017 Pope Francis set the cat among the pigeons last week, telling an audience convened to mark the 25th anniversary of the Catechism of the CatholicContinue reading “On the death penalty, Francis is going where no pope has gone before – The Boston Globe”

Singer takes knee during NBA anthem

Singer Justine Skye takes a knee while performing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets home opener DAVID CAPLAN,Good Morning America The Brooklyn Nets invited singer Justine skye, a native of the New York City borough, to sing the national anthem at Friday night’s home opener at Barclay’s Center — and to the surprise of spectators and NetsContinue reading “Singer takes knee during NBA anthem”

Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair

On-air news reporters and anchors are pillars of poise. There can be disasters in the world, and mishaps in the newsroom, and they can still get in front of that camera and beam. That’s all the more impressive to us after reading a hurtful, racist letter Las Vegas traffic anchor Demetria Obilor shared on TwitterContinue reading “Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair”

California Bans Sale Of Non-Rescue Pets 

California has banned pet stores from selling cats, dogs and rabbits unless they work with shelters or rescue groups to supply the animals. Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485 into law Friday, The Orange County Register reported. It takes effect in January 2019, and pet store owners who violate it will face a $500Continue reading “California Bans Sale Of Non-Rescue Pets “

The Road to Palestinian Statehood

World Affairs #ForeignAffairs  OCT 9, 2017 @ 03:58 AM 558 The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets The Road to Palestinian Statehood Ewelina U. Ochab , CONTRIBUTOR I write on human rights and persecution of minorities around the world Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. End of September 2017, INTERPOL announced that theContinue reading “The Road to Palestinian Statehood”

Education And Money

Leborn James with all his millions still doesn’t have an education beyond high school. So throwing a bunch of cash at colorful people will not educate them. They have to want to be educated. It’s the white thing that they want nothing to do with – so they say. The real news is that they’dContinue reading “Education And Money”

Nursery Attack: Children Set on Fire

  Four children and a teacher have been killed in Brazil after a security guard threw flammable liquid on them and set them on fire, officials say. The man also set himself alight at the childcare centre in the remote town of Janauba in Minas Gerais state. Video footage showed chaotic scenes outside, as parentsContinue reading “Nursery Attack: Children Set on Fire”

Clean Up Your Culture

Mouthing off isn’t freedom of speech. It’s incitement. I never witnessed a white person taunting or in any way disrespecting or abusing a black person. Neither have I ever witnessed a black person standing, sitting, kneeling or running in fear of a white person. I lived in many places among many cultures. Black Lives talkingContinue reading “Clean Up Your Culture”

Cleveland Browns Remove Words From National Anthem To Appease Black Lives Terrorists

On Sunday 1 October 2017 Black Lives Terrorists took their control over America one step further. The owner of the Cleveland Browns, James Haslam, caved to the demand by member players of the NFL via the Black Lives Terror organization by removing the words from the National Anthem and played only the background music asContinue reading “Cleveland Browns Remove Words From National Anthem To Appease Black Lives Terrorists”

ISIS Responds With Support for Black Lives

Blacks in America, judging by those speaking on behalf of their tribe, on cable news outlets, want white people in America to feel sorry for Black Lives Terrorists. ISIS IS NOW attacking police officers at a football game in Edmonton, Canada in support of Black Lives Terror in America. Any NFL player or NFL, owner,Continue reading “ISIS Responds With Support for Black Lives”