Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair

Finish reading: Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair

HWH COMMENT: Because somebody thinks your hair smells isn’t hate. Get over your hair. Stop bringing white people into your hair decision making process. White people never told you to straighten your hair. Did they also tell you to wear tight-fitting short dresses and spike high heels and false eyelashes? Do you shave your legs and arm pits because white people held a gun to your head?

I have a dog who has hair like black people. If I let her hair grow naturally just because it’s natural, it kinks up, mats up and makes her uncomfortable. Do you let your finger nails and toe nails grow as long as they naturally can grow? How do you type or keep them clean – or wear shoes or walk with such long toe nails?  Must be a lot of work – and very uncomfortable.

When your hair interferes with another’s field of vision, or when you get on a bus or a plane and you swat the person beside with your hair every time you turn your head, it’s no longer a vanity issue, it’s a public safety issue. And a cleanliness issue too. I don’t want somebody’s hair brushing up against me. What you never heard of lice? Black people or multi-national people don’t get infected with lice, just because they wear their hair naturally? There’s an epidemic of lice all over the world.

I don’t care what you do with your hair – nobody cares. You’re baiting people so you can call them racist. I think what you’re doing is racist.

Keep your hair out of my face and your racist baiting off the air. You also have rage tendencies that you referenced. Work on those.

Your need for attention at somebody else’s expense is immature and unprofessional.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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