Do B Vitamin Supplements Cause Lung Cancer? 

Do B Vitamin Supplements Cause Lung Cancer?

If you are a man, particularly a male smoker, you may be increasing your risk of developing lung cancer by taking B Vitamins like vitamins B6 and B12. In fact, for those men using such supplements, the risk of lung cancer is nearly doubled. The risk is up to four times as high for those who also smoked, according to that same study. Ultimately, if one’s goal is to prevent lung cancer, then it’s best to avoid taking supplements of B6 and B12, especially at high dosage. This advice is given by Theodore Brasky, the research assistant professor at Ohio State University who is also the lead author of the study.

Whether or not these supplements end up causing lung cancer, or just happen to occur in the same patients is still speculation of some debate; in fact, our information is so limited that even the roles of smoking and being male are not perfectly understood when it comes to the development of lung cancer.

What is understood, however, is that the correlation between Vitamins B6 and B12 and cancer seem to focus specifically on supplemental sources of such vitamins, which may also interact poorly with certain medications. Most people have the ability to get enough of those B Vitamins just through the food that they eat; for those who cannot, supplements can help make up the difference. This is especially true of Vitamin B12; vegetarians and others on restricted diets are more likely to be in need of supplements…

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HWH COMMENT: Interpretating the results of the study: ‘The information is so limited regarding the what, why and if questions surrounding whether vitamin B12 causes lung cancer in men, that even the roles of smoking and being male are not perfectly understood when it comes to the development of lung cancer’.

Yet they printed the story, knowing it was far-fetched, while the hypothesis made it all the way to the design and implementation phases of the study, in order to come up with some conclusion – probably the conclusion the researchers and those with agendas who commissioned the study evidently wanted.

So somebody somewhere thought that B12 caused cancer in men – lung cancer. That lets the tobacco industry off the hook, at least by instilling doubt. It also serves as a mind-controlling pill to slip into people’s minds, especially men, that they need to get their vitamin B12 via animal sources and not vitamin supplements – just in case five years hence it is shown to be true.

In reality, those who eat animals and take a multivitamin, get B12 within that supplement pill. They scare the vegan and vegetarian into eating animal again, but they don’t discourage animal eaters to stop taking supplemental B6 and B12. Therein lies the lie.

BIG TOBACCO teams with SLAUGHTER INDUSTRIES to ring that bell that cannot be unrung – in the minds of the populace.

Intellectually dishonest pseudo-science.

Correlational studies are not intellectually honest.



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