How the FCC Plans to Destroy Net Neutrality

How the FCC Plans to Destroy Net Neutrality

Today, the FCC will unveil its plans for a “full repeal” of net neutrality, which will benefit internet service providers at the cost of the end user.


When FCC chairman Ajit Pai detailed his plan to dismantle net neutrality legislation earlier this year, there was enough public outcry to crash the commission’s website. However, it seems that this wasn’t enough to dissuade Pai, as more information about the dismantling of net neutrality has now been released, ahead of a vote scheduled for December.

The proposed plan is being described as a “full repeal” that will undo previous rulings which classified broadband internet as a utility. As such, providers will be free to tweak the services they offer depending on the content being accessed; allowing them to throttle speeds, charge extra fees, or even block certain sites outright.

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