HuffPost Perversions

“The Joy Of Watching Harvey Weinstein’s Perp Walk There’s a delicious schadenfreude in seeing a powerful abuser finally held accountable.” Definitions: Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune (German). Or French “love of cruelty,” 1888, from French sadisme. Or sadism (English). Perp: Perpetrator of a crime. Q. What kind of writer pairs the word ‘delicious’ with sex offender?Continue reading “HuffPost Perversions”


Proof Of Enslavement

Much of the pain black people claim they feel is the result of being dependent on the group. That’s why you often hear them wanting to be king, queen, leader, ironically of the group. Cut those cords. The group is responsible for holding you down, out and back. Survival of the group identity, not yourContinue reading “Proof Of Enslavement”

The Making Of A Royal. The Marriage.

The making of a Royal. The Marriage. There were no politicians among the 600 member guest list to witness the legal union of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in Great Britain on 19 may 2018. Often cited in the American press in the run-up to the event was that President of the United States DonaldContinue reading “The Making Of A Royal. The Marriage.”