Cell Towers Attract Visitors To Government Subsidized Buildings

See something. Write something.

Okay, first Steve has to walk by this apparently homeless person sleeping in the outside foyer of the building where we live. He’s a known ‘aggressive when awake’ person who steals from local stores, then sells the merchandise to other local businesses and their customers and people on the street. At a resident meeting a few days prior the tenants were told that they could no longer sit out in front of the building in their walker chairs – in the backyard only. They claimed it made the building look like a nursing home. A few days later the directive was sent to all the tenants in writing. We were told by another tenant who often sits out front for the purpose of getting fresh air, watching people and traffic and socializing with their neighbors that often times there are as many as three people sleeping there.

A few days later on his day off Steve was in the office for another reason and happened to mention it to office personnel. They took a picture of the picture on his phone and later said they sent it right over to the manager who wasn’t in the building that day. She would take care of it and thank you for bringing it to their attention, since they were not aware.

It’s been a few days and I can’t see where anything was done and nobody got back to us. But on another matter, when I went to the top floor to take a picture of the warning signs on the door regarding the cell towers I passed on the stairway a white paper bag that appeared to be from a food place. Somebody’s hungry I thought, but why not take it with you? Why leave it on the stairs? I know people do that. They don’t like to carry trash, so they leave it where they finish it.

That thought about leaving the trash bothered me for a couple of days off and on. So much so that when I got up early this morning I thought I might go back, see if it was still there, and if it was to look at what restaurant it came from. There are three ways to get to the top floor. For whatever reason this day I took a different staircase. It wasn’t till I was halfway there that I realized this wasn’t the one. However, I kept going anyway.

Lo and behold I encountered a person on the top floor near the cell tower roof door. There were food containers, and some stuff I didn’t recognize that later turned out to be used tea bags.

He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He appeared to be finishing up getting dressed. It was pretty smelly and he was quite close to the door with the warning sign. I’m assuming the three doors at the roof level have the same signs on them.

I asked what he was doing up there, and his reply came out garbled. In fact, each reply even though he looked straight at me when he spoke was so garbled that it could have been a foreign language – one I never heard of. Finally I got, “I’m using the internet”. He had a phone in his hand. He pointed to the door and between garbles I got that he sits next to the door and can get an internet signal. I asked if he opened the door and he said that he never goes in that room. Frankly, I didn’t know there was a room. I thought the door opened to the roof. So, he of course found a way at some time to gain access, otherwise he wouldn’t know there was a room either.

He said he was waiting for his aunt. Where is she? She went to the store. This was at 6:47 AM Saturday 30 June 2018. I asked if it was okay if I took a picture of him, I’d put him on Facebook. He said no-o-o I don’t want to be on Facebook. I said, okay I’ll take a picture anyway, and he started in a bit of a rush down the stairs as I said, just to make sure you’re legal here. I snapped the photo and left down the stairs. I don’t know where he went.

Once in my apartment I thought to go back and check the stairwell where I took the original picture, and sure enough the bag was still there. Then I went back to where I found him and took pictures of the bag where he was. Then just for the heck of it to compare all three stairwells to the roof I went up the third middle one. The door at the top was wide open, not shut. I didn’t see anybody around, didn’t go in, just did a couple zoom shots, then left. I wondered why all the chains were not in place – not that the little chain would stop anybody. But why would the door be wide open so early on a Saturday morning, when no employees work on Saturday or Sunday? Earlier when I took Lilly for a walk I didn’t see any work trucks anywhere.

I think this guy should be looked at by medical people. He didn’t appear drunk or drugged, but had a hard time speaking. Maybe he has brain damage. Maybe he’s been doing this for a long time. Maybe there’s something sinister, maybe not. Still, I’m concerned that those radio waves could be harming him – his brain.

Maybe his aunt does live in the building. He looked like he slept where I found him, but was in control of his physical actions, even though not his speech. I didn’t wake him up, he was wide awake already and standing.

The food bags in both stairwells were from Rally’s. There was a candy bar wrapper on the third stairwell. I didn’t touch it.

Most of the time when tenants report something, nothing gets done, or even if it does the person reporting it never gets the courtesy of a response or feedback. So, rather than go through all that mess and not trust that they will look into the matter, I’m publishing it on Word Press, not Facebook. That’s all I can do.

There is no one who polices the building on any shift. They’re mostly not available. Bricks have been in stairwells for years and no one removes them. People use them to prop open doors for whatever reasons. The usual reason of ‘I forgot my keys’ doesn’t explain why when they leave, they put a brick in the door – that proves they knew they didn’t have a key before leaving. Maybe non-tenants are using the bricks too.

I don’t think those doors should be opened. I think they should be locked considering how dangerous the roof is. And nobody should be allowed to use the cell towers to hook up to the internet. How would they even know they could do that?

There are many mentally ill people being funneled into senior residences, who could get violent or reckless.

I think this warrants an investigation of National Church Residences security policies in their so-called senior residences around the nation. I think there has to be a limit on how many cell towers are allowed, and who decides that? A leasing agent? Are you kidding me? And how do you keep homeless people away from them? Certainly not by keeping the door open. How does the door get open? Maybe he isn’t homeless at all. There are too many maybes here.

This must be the room the uninvited guest was talking about.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Till now and forever © by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef, activist. It's free to share with proper credit, not to own and/or share as your own. THINK HAPPY!

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