Who would have thought so many people wanting to be dictators existed in the USA Congress? It’s my way or no way. Vote them out everybody says, but nobody does. These wanna be dictators are undermining the success of ‘we the people’ as a nation – one nation, not two or three or five or twenty. A separate nation for every ethnic group under one nation? Is that what you really mean?

We’re one nation under God. What does ‘under’ mean? It means that all we, who are under someone, beneath someone, are oppressed. We’re a nation of slaves. If we are under God, then God is our dictator. Which God though? Each religion has a different interpretation of their God, so which one are we the USA under? All of them?

I don’t want your God being my dictator and you don’t want my God being your dictator. But we all have to work somehow, someway, together, to keep our nation strong, healthy and safe from those within and without who want to harm us.

Cutting people’s heads off or committing state imposed murder against someone else who committed murder, eating the flesh, blood and milk of any species we can capture, enslave, torture and slaughter, committing rape against any human available when you decide to feed your rage proves that humankind is not yet fit to live without walls. Humans have yet to demonstrate that they can be trusted to live among others absent wanting to do harm to one another.

Some people want to design the USA in the likeness of Europe. Everybody wants the country they live in to be like the country they left – only better. So what’s better than Europe for all those European descendants living in the USA as legal citizens?

The United States of America.

That’s what’s better than Europe – better than the place you left. You all made it better, so why now after all this time are you longing to be Europe again? You have 50 states you can move in and out of any time you get Border Fever.

How many countries does Europe have? Fifty, the same as the number of states we have. But wait. Some of those fifty European states are shared with countries outside of the European Union – in Asia. “Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia are considered to be “transcontinental” with portions of their countries on multiple continents.”

Is that what you’re looking for? You want the USA to become transcontinental? Do you want Mexico to become  a state, so you don’t have to worry about the border? How about all the Middle America countries? Them too? Make them all states?

How big is Europe? Smaller than the USA and Canada combined, but it has three times as many people. So what are you missing? A smaller than the USA overcrowded with people piece of land? They all speak different languages. Every time you cross a border in Europe, the language changes. In the USA, except for the Spanish-speakers, almost everybody speaks English. That’s our national language.

But wait again? I’ve heard talk about the USA becoming bilingual, whereby everybody going to school must learn two languages, even that some want Spanish to be the national language. Now even I think that’s carrying your country with you too far. Why not just stay where you are and clean up the mess you all were too complacent to clean up from the beginning, while you let all matters you care about get out of hand? You allowed it. Now you come here and want to fight for your rights by destroying what people before you built.

If I want to live in France, I don’t expect France to change their national language to English, just because I’m too lazy to learn French. If I want to survive and thrive, I’ll learn their language, not tell them to learn mine. How arrogant can one people be?

Hey, Europe doesn’t have a desert, do they? Ops, not so. There’s one in Spain and a few spots of arid land here and there, but not like our deserts that span many states. Hey, we even have palm trees. Mountains, Great Lakes, big oceans border the east and west coasts. You want overcrowded dense cities, we got ’em. You want wide open spaces, we got ’em. You want big sky, it’s here. Europe is old and tired. We’re still young.

The USA has one currency. Even though Europe has the Euro, not all countries use it, so going from place to place on your Border Fever trip can get complicated.

No one in the USA needs a passport to travel between states. There are no border crossings. In Europe, even though they have a passport-free zone, it doesn’t include all countries, and you still need a passport in some places. If you’re stopped by police or if you board a plane you need to prove your identity, and the only acceptable form of ID are those issued by national authorities. So that has it’s problems leading to confusion too.

Maybe if this isn’t good enough for your ‘wanting to be better than Europe’ palate, then go back home. They’ll take you in – maybe. Give it a try. When you want to come back, the door will open if you qualify as a good citizen who wants no harm to come to the USA. Talking and doing are sometimes the same thing. Clean up your attitude and your talk about hating America and Americans and see if you don’t like the USA better than Europe.

You know, if people didn’t come to the USA illegally we wouldn’t need walls to keep them out. They don’t want to wait. They lack patience and the will to work for what they want. In all countries south of the USA border, they like dictators, they like coups. A coup means you get what you want fast. You take it. They do not like process. It’s part of their nature. It’s like the French and Arabs wanting to whack off everybody’s head whom they don’t like. It’s in their nature to respond swiftly with the most brutal force to get those who offend their sensibilities away from them – off the planet.

All these rape rooms all over the planet and somebody’s feelings get hurt when somebody calls them a cockroach. And then that’s what the news media force-feeds the world for a week, instead of the real harm that’s happening to people all over the globe. Cockroaches hide their nests and only come out to scavenge for food, individually usually. Then if one gets squished, there’s no one behind them to give away their nest location, which is usually inside the walls, or a place that nobody would think to look. They’re scavengers, who usually do their scavenging activities at night when nobody can see them.

Spanish-speakers have their DNA stuck in socialistic politics and policies. Still, they want a dictator who will dole out what the people need, so they can rise up as their own dictator in their own neighborhoods. Dictators rise, they don’t get elected. Voting just makes it appear more legal. But you’ve seen one military coup after another.

They lack the patience for process, so when they tire of waiting they strike like a snake and stage yet another coup. Coups come in many colors, shapes and sizes. They know them all. They take pride in knowing them all. I mean, why does South America, Middle America, Mexico want to send their poor people to occupy the USA while everybody else stays back in the comfort of the nests, hidden behind their own walls of secrecy?

Because they can pick any state they want to live in and still be united as Spanish speaking people. That’s the dictator/socialistic way of Spanish speakers taking care of their own, so they don’t have to actually bear the cost burden. The governments of these nations make arrangements to drive them out. Yes, you can take your kids. Good riddance. Have a happy life. Thank you dictator God. Don’t forget to send us back some USA dollars. We won’t.

The USA Congress acts in a strangely similar way, almost like they caught the Spanish speaker’s border fever – dictator/socialistic tendencies and all. A Coup they want. They won’t wait for the next vote. They want president Trump out now. That’s what happens when people lose patience with or respect for the process. Maybe the process was just too long and cumbersome. Maybe we all have the same tendencies that just happen to emerge at different times.

Make everybody a naturalized citizen, give them a social security card, build the walls required, from this day forth, to control the land and sea ports of entry. Yes, even if they don’t want citizenship. You will find that many of these people want to live outside the law. Then there will be another fight: YOU CAN’T FORCE US TO BECOME CITIZENS. We didn’t ask to come here. Our families brought us here against our will. We cried to go back, to go home and they wouldn’t let us.

C’est la vie.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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