RE: Fixed/Sticky Menus

Fixed/Sticky menus are menus that don’t scroll out of sight when you scroll down your blog or website. They stay fixed at the top of the page, taking space away from your content, but they also are always there on the page, no matter how long you scroll, so that when you want to select a different category, you don’t have to return to the top of the page to do so.

Fixed/Sticky menus are fine for the beginner who only has one line of categories across the Homepage.

For blogs and websites with much larger menus the ‘fixed’ menu gets in the way, taking up way too much of the reader’s view, sometimes as much as half or more of the page.

People want to see more than a few lines of text at a time, even though they read only one line of text at a time. The overall view that the reader experiences is important to their enjoyment of the post they are viewing.

To accommodate both the small sites and the large sites, it would be practical and efficient to give all free and all premium themes the option of a fixed/sticky menu or a menu that scrolls with the page.

Because I have large menus, I can’t use a theme that has a fixed/sticky menu, unless I’m given the option to disengage it.

In addition, content options currently included for some, but not all, themes in the WP Editor, should be available across the board of themes (free and premium) and should be expanded to include the fixed/sticky header option.

Consistency across themes in areas that are important to the experience of the reader is advantageous to Word Press in that more sites can make use of a greater number of themes, whether paid or premium.


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