Amber Ruffin ‘Takes A Knee’ HIJACKS HALLOWEEN

AMBER RUFFIN HIJACKS HALLOWEEN Amber Ruffin needs to be an American if she’s going to live in America. Here we celebrate Halloween – a day of the year where we can dress up as anybody or anything else and not be shunned or ridiculed for it. Nobody is forced to participate. Stop disrespecting our funContinue reading “Amber Ruffin ‘Takes A Knee’ HIJACKS HALLOWEEN”


NFL Players Playing The Extortion Game – using the fans’ wallets

HWH Commentary: Donate 90 million dollars to the charities of our choice and we’ll stop disrupting football games that’s losing you guys a lot of money. That sounds more like extortion than an agreement. I say, you make so much money, donate your own. It’s all coming out of the pockets of the fans. TheyContinue reading “NFL Players Playing The Extortion Game – using the fans’ wallets”

This Is Supposed to Be About Saudi Arabia

HWH Commentary: People in general, but particularly in the USA, like to punish individuals or entities for unacceptable behaviors through financial avenues, that result in punishing themselves or punishing other entities that had nothing to do with the unacceptable action, which essentially results in collective punishment with the hopes that the ones unjustly punished willContinue reading “This Is Supposed to Be About Saudi Arabia”

Amy Schumer – white person – Wants More White People Kneeling

HWH Commentary: Which white people does Schumer want to see kneeling? From which regions of the world? It looks odd that a product of Hollywood, a woman named Amy Schumer – where women getting on their knees to men for preferential treatment over other players for the purpose of giving them an advantage when applyingContinue reading “Amy Schumer – white person – Wants More White People Kneeling”

I’m Sick Of Hearing About Hillary Paralyzed By Defeat

Photo from Jeff Oring’s Facebook page. All people need to be represented equally in the political process and given equal access to social services when they qualify. Laws must apply equally to all people. That includes half the human race – women are the most discriminated against humans on the planet. It somehow doesn’t lookContinue reading “I’m Sick Of Hearing About Hillary Paralyzed By Defeat”

Vietnam′s Dog Meat Culture Clashes With Modern Tastes 

ASIA Author Ate Hoekstra (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam’s dog meat culture clashes with modern tastes Vietnamese officials in Hanoi have asked residents to stop eating dog meat, citing health and public image concerns. Vendors and enthusiasts now fear a nationwide ban on what they consider to be a traditional delicacy. Hoang has been eating dogContinue reading “Vietnam′s Dog Meat Culture Clashes With Modern Tastes “

Death Of A Movement Wish

I’m giving you the tagline right off the bat, so you lazy activist readers who like to jump on whatever it is that anybody else is saying or doing that doesn’t line up with your distorted perception of reality can move on to your next target. Picking the wrong battles to fight, because something popsContinue reading “Death Of A Movement Wish”