Full Transcript of Mueller’s Statement on Russia Investigation

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, made his first public comments about the Russia investigation. By The New York Times May 29, 2019 The following is a transcript of his remarks, as prepared by The New York Times. ROBERT S. MUELLER III, the special counsel: Good morning, everyone, and thank you for being here. TwoContinue reading “Full Transcript of Mueller’s Statement on Russia Investigation”


RE: File says Smollett couldn’t contact brothers after arrest

  HWH Comment: In this instance, where there was so much media attention, and people hurt, by someone alleged to have made false accusations regarding a hate crime, that the public deserves to know the truth of the legal process that exonerated the accused. Falsely reporting hate crimes – especially when premeditated and reeking withContinue reading “RE: File says Smollett couldn’t contact brothers after arrest”

Mossad Needs A History Lesson About Violating Freedoms Against USA Citizens

When Jews tell non-Jews that they need a history lesson, they’re not talking about books and classrooms; they’re talking about hauling you off for a holocaust treatment, never to be heard of again. It makes me wonder how many missing persons around the globe were actually victims of the holocaust treatment? After decades of huntingContinue reading “Mossad Needs A History Lesson About Violating Freedoms Against USA Citizens”

Iran Uses Drones To Bomb Saudi Arabian Oil Assets?

HWH COMMENTARY: I don’t believe for a minute that the Iranian government bombed Saudi Arabian oil assets, nor sanctioned the bombing nor knew in advance that some other group or nation was going to bomb Saudi assets. Israel is a friend to no nation. They seek to do business to benefit themselves. There is noContinue reading “Iran Uses Drones To Bomb Saudi Arabian Oil Assets?”

Riderless colt races to Preakness finish

HWH COMMENTARY: I was just talking to Steve the other night about horse racing and the ethical problems associated with it regarding the treatment of horses, not just at the carnival level but all levels. Horses love to run and compete, so in order to save the sport for the horse’s sake, dump the riders.Continue reading “Riderless colt races to Preakness finish”

Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt elections

  JERUSALEM (AP) — Facebook said Thursday it banned an Israeli company that ran an influence campaign aimed at disrupting elections in various countries and has canceled dozens of accounts engaged in spreading disinformation. Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, told reporters that the tech giant had purged 65 Israeli accounts, 161 pages, dozensContinue reading “Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt elections”

Accelerated modern human–induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction

Abstract The oft-repeated claim that Earth’s biota is entering a sixth “mass extinction” depends on clearly demonstrating that current extinction rates are far above the “background” rates prevailing between the five previous mass extinctions. Earlier estimates of extinction rates have been criticized for using assumptions that might overestimate the severity of the extinction crisis. WeContinue reading “Accelerated modern human–induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction”