Mossad Needs A History Lesson About Violating Freedoms Against USA Citizens

When Jews tell non-Jews that they need a history lesson, they’re not talking about books and classrooms; they’re talking about hauling you off for a holocaust treatment, never to be heard of again.

It makes me wonder how many missing persons around the globe were actually victims of the holocaust treatment?

After decades of hunting Nazis, when Jews talk about bringing only one Nazi to justice, to face criminal charges in an Israeli court, they want the world to know that all the other not-so-important supposed non-Jews were dealt with out of the public view.

These private death by torture operations were conducted with funds and resources provided by the USA government, at the USA taxpayer’s expense. Nazi Hunters they called themselves, operating with impunity wherever they went.

Members of Congress in the USA were fully aware that they were sanctioning and funding torture and assassination operations conducted by Israeli death squads within the USA and elsewhere.

People who want to lower the pain threshold of a nation by exploiting another nation for financial gain have sadistic and torture tendencies. I can see a lot of sadistic people in the democratic party grooming themselves for the highest office of the USA, preparing publicly for the inevitable private meetings with Israeli representatives.

That connection needs to end. The USA cannot continue to give comfort to the Jews for actions taken against them during World War II in Nazi-run factories in foreign countries, by allowing them to commit acts of torture and assassinations outside the law to avenge those conditions.

If Jews have evidence of war crimes against specific people then the international war crimes tribunal is the place to raise those concerns. Israel, however, has refused to participate in that court, so as to avoid charges by that court for war crimes they committed against specific Palestinians and against Palestinians as a group in the form of apartheid.

There needs to be a full scale investigation into the Mossad acting independently and without oversight on USA soil and the funds used to finance their decades-long actions of surveillance and operations plus the USA surveillance and law enforcement entities, agencies, bureaus and associations etc., etal that gave these Mossad members and their associates unfettered access without accountability to private USA citizens.

The sooner the better.

You just can’t keep killing everybody who doesn’t like you.

Maybe you’re giving them a reason.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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