Blacks Falsely Accusing White People

I’m starting to see how blacks are getting credit for things they shouldn’t be getting credit for. And this is why so many blacks fail in life, because we can’t live up to the lives that we make for ourselves. For example, stealing history from White people, instead of embracing it and saying thank you.

The more I see how racist black people are, the easier it becomes for me to expose them, because I can no longer stand on the sidelines.

Just like your post ‘Laws People Think Are Theirs’ To Break Are Major Ones.’   Until I read that article, I didn’t know how to process being humiliated by one of my black friends…He would talk non-stop about my son and how his step-dad and his friend are molesting him everyday.

He started to talk like that, after I moved away to be around my son more. But once I read that post, I had the courage to finally address it with him.

I asked him what was he getting out of saying those things to me…I told him that I wasn’t going to say anything negative against them, so what gives?

He broke down and said that he was hurt that I moved away, and left him out west on his own…I didn’t say anything else after that, but I never knew black people did stuff like that to whites.

It saddens me to know that we enjoy those types of things, but it’s my job to expose and talk about it, even when it happens to me.

And it’s so weird that these experiences have happened to me my whole life, and that a white person would be the one to help me figure out how to move through these experiences, showing me how to become a better person for our society.

~ Ted jones, Transparent Black Man



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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