Just about everyone I’ve come in contact with during the last few months has had pneumonia, or pnuemonia-like symptoms. Some became symptomatic with a new fever and cough after they had been treated with antibiotics and the initial fever was cured.

I also was diagnosed with pneumonia secondary to sepsis and would have died had I not sought treatment as quickly as I did. About four months later it, or something resembling it, reappeared prompting another course of antibiotic treatment, this time with an antibiotic of last resort, levofloxacin – the drug used to treat anthrax exposure and the plague, which is reportedly being discontinued in the USA in 2020 due to severe side effects and multiple reported deaths associated with the drug.

  • The makers of a popular antibiotic have halted production on the drug amid safety concerns. Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson discontinued production of Levaquin in December 2017, including the oral and IV versions. However, Levaquin may still be available in pharmacies until 2020. Jul 17, 2018
  • In addition, our investigation obtained an FDA database of adverse effects and found 3,000 deaths and 200,000 complaints of serious effects associated with Levaquin and similar drugs.

If people can be tested for coronavirus, then it is imperative that anyone presenting with pneumonia-type symptoms be tested for that virus, if we are truly concerned about limiting it’s spread and not just paying lip-service to the reality on the ground by simply watching the devastation absent a plan to curb it.

There needs to be a more aggressive reporting and testing of anyone presenting with symptoms, no matter the age, gender, socio-economic status or location.

I do not believe the numbers being reported are accurate. They never are accurate. The government always waits too long to prevent panic. The public needs to know the truth so they can take their own measures.

People who have the virus need to be appropriately quarantined.

Can people be a carrier of the virus and not be symptomatic?

How long can a symptomatic person spread the contagion to others?

How long after initiation of treatment do they stay contagious?

Can humans spread the virus to other animals, dogs, cats etc. to whom they come in close contact?

Regarding restaurant workers who prepare and serve food and beverage: Can the virus in a contaminated person be passed onto the food and/or utensils?

Given that Asian restaurants use Asian vendors as their food suppliers, what is the government doing to protect the consumer, besides declaring the risk non-existent or minimal, when it isn’t actually known?

I, for one, will not be eating or drinking outside the home, since each time I became infected with whatever it was I initially contracted, it happened after eating and drinking at local restaurants.

What is the government telling restaurant workers and their bosses about requiring infected workers to come to work?

What do these workers do if time off leads to insufficient funds for paying bills. Any grace periods being offered, and short term no-interest loans?

The government and news outlets need to exercise extreme caution when dismissing the impact of the existing threat. Pandemonium can occur, if and when the masses believe the government is feeding them lies for the purpose of protecting individual small and large business interests. 

My own primary care person doubted whether I even had pneumonia. Even though I was treated in the hospital for four days, nobody told me I had sepsis. I had to learn that on my own by requesting my medical records that showed it.

A cable network station needs to be set up presenting facts and news about the coronavirus 24/7 from around the world in real time – not a month later.

Inform, inform, inform. At every level.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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