Mr. President I Am Not Here to Punch You

Individuals and groups purposely goad President Donald Trump to get his attention.

He said during the presidential campaign, “if someone punches me, I punch back”. Everybody knows it, so why are they crying that he is making them attack him by the way he acts, when it’s really their behavior that started it all?

Stop punching the guy and act like a human being, oops that’s too much to ask of savages, I get it now, you’re animal instincts are wanting to tear somebody from limb to limb, because you don’t have enough food and the animal in him is hoarding all the food for himself? Is that it?

You want his money. Why all the fuss about his taxes? You want his money. You want a piece of what he has, so show us what we have to work from. You didn’t demand that of previous presidents. Those who turned their pockets inside out did so for strategic reasons. We’ve never had a billionaire president before.

If you want what he has why would you taunt him for not being as rich as other billionaires? Go after their money.

One might think that if you really cared about how he acted, that you would show him by not punching him.

“I wish he would act more presidential”, some woman whom I don’t know on television said of Donald Trump.

My question is, What does “act more presidential” mean? If you want to change somebody’s behavior why be so general?

You mean act like John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson the womanizers?

Or act like Richard Nixon the “crook”?

Or Bill Clinton the sex addict?

Or act like eighteen other presidents who were slave owners?

Or act like President Obama who turned the entire African race in the USA into attack dogs against THE WHITE GUY?

Don’t tweet? Now that’s the CIA talking. President Trump is the most transparent president in the history of the world. He doesn’t hide behind his status. He tells you what’s on his mind to get a reaction so you, the people, can assist in his decision-making. I say keep tweeting.

Turn the other cheek? Well, he doesn’t punch unless somebody punches him first. So why not tell the ones throwing the first punches to stop? They’re the bullies. Why didn’t Jesus Christ focus on them?

You know what addicts do, don’t you? When they can’t get their fix? They get it one way or the other. They do a lot of lying, cheating, abusing, stealing, covering up.

Donald Trump is a workaholic. Wouldn’t it be nice if all members of congress shared that same addiction? Maybe their approval rating would be more than nine percent?

I say keep on working Mr. President.

The CIA doesn’t like it that Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. Drinkers are more malleable. Embarrassing moments, regrets, in case you don’t remember what you did last night, let us refresh your memory moments.

All these weaken a person’s resolve, because they feel burdened by their lack of control – plus they feel physically drained and jittery most of the time. It’s easy for any predator to move in under those circumstances, and take you to the cleaners. Non-drinkers are more confident; they don’t budge as easily.

I think Donald Trump is the only president in world history where all the individual people think he’s there for them. The angry ones act like he should know what they need and give it. The non-angry ones act like he’s the greatest leader that ever lived and just might lay their collective lives at his feet.

The result is a marriage and a divorce happening simultaneously.

Welcome To The New And Improved American World.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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