EAT YOUR OWN FAMILY vs Cellular Exorcism

Your brain doesn’t want somebody else’s blood and flesh running through your system. It injects CHAOS. If you’re bent on needing it, then eat your own mothers and fathers and siblings and children. Don’t eat outside the family.

The fact that eating your own repulses you proves that you know it is wrong to eat anybody else’s blood and flesh.

If you will not let the blood and flesh of your own family run through your system, because you love them, then somebody else’s family of blood and flesh nourishing your system would not dared be tolerated. You know how much you love your own, and how much they love their own, so of course you extend that same courtesy of not consuming anybody’s family.

You have elements of other families running through your system right now. You have colonized your colon with the Genes and DNA of every family member you ate. They got into your blood, into your skin, even in your fat, your eyeballs, your testicles and hair and nails. Notice your nails resembling claws lately? You have identity confusion.

Cow colonies, pig colonies, goat colonies, snakes, rats, shark colonies, yeah even bear and deer and antelope, buffalo chicken wings, horses too. Cats and dogs and livers and hearts beating your Genetic DNA drum to the sound of their awakening, wiping out your own individuality as a human. Ouch and ouch again and take that away. I need a cleanse. A total body out of options. Every cell needs an exorcism.

These terrorists are lining up vying for position, holding midnight vigils all over and throughout your organism. Your only line of defense is to starve your own flesh and blood from the families of the animals breaching your systems, before they take over and make you into a different animal – no longer justifiably called human.


Eating somebody else’s family is the same as eating your own family. So why would you do it? Okay, I hear all the reasons. So, why would you continue to do it? Okay, I hear all the reasons. But you know what? There is a way out of the never-ending maze of your reasons, that turn into excuses, that turn into a paralytic reaction, which is no action except to stay on your present path.

PLANTS are the only cleanse recommended for total exocistic achievment. You’ve been given the solution. The rest is up to you.

Do you want to remain a human animal? Or do you want to evolve into an animal whose design you have no control over? And yes, your children’s children, how about them? What new form of animal will they become? There’s not a name or classification yet. There will be.

Do you want a hand in shaping that form?

PLANTS. Across the board.

Some people say that you can’t change your DNA. Whatever you’re born with, you die with. I don’t subscribe to that particular school of thought. Maybe for solving crimes, it doesn’t matter, but altering genetics, thus DNA is possible. It happens.

What we’re talking about here, is an outside influence that enters the organism to rearrange what is already there. More of this and less of that. New bacterias, viruses, fungi, drugs, gases, chemicals, minerals interacting with each other all change and rearrange the internal cellular workings of the organism.

When humans procreate within their immediate families, the incidence of birth defects, diseases and disorders increases. That’s the proof right there, that genetics thus DNA can be changed by outside influences.

An interesting fact: “When scientists looked at genes, they found that about 90% of human genes have a matching version in cats. Sep 16, 2014”.

“Bovines share 80 percent of their genes with humans”.

What that means is that cats are 90% human. Bovines are 80% human.

Wow. It wouldn’t take much, would it, to become more lion-like or bovine-like?

It’s dangerous territory we’re marking with our animal-consuming proclivities.

Scientists already alter the DNA of animals from which we want to steal vital organs. They alter it again to make the human accept stolen organs as transplants and not reject them. It is known that humans reject tissue from other animals. One must wonder if a pig would innately reject a transplanted human heart?

PLANTS aren’t only the necessary and required means of survival of the human species. Consuming plants is the only way to preserve humans as humans.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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