CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare

I read this guy on Facebook shaming Europeans in advance should they start blaming particular races (racism, he called it) for this coronavirus global epidemic, reminding them and the world that it was the Europeans who spread “their” diseases to all the aboriginal people on the planet, often wiping out entire populations.

I thought to respond, but realized he was just wanting to control these “Europeans”, so that he could be the African voice for the entire world population – sort of like the dictator/father scolding children in advance that the “Europeans” did it to us, now to the Europeans: take your medicine in revenge.

Right now, on Facebook, our time would be better spent, demanding of our own respective politicians and leaders updates 24/7 with facts, figures, plans, what to do in all situations regarding this massive assault to humans and other animals alike.

Calling this crisis “RACISM” is out of line, out of focus and self-serving for the purpose of feeding a bunch of “Europeans” to the rest of the world, and advancing his own anti-white agenda.

Governments will not tell us the truth, because even they don’t demand it. Politicians know nothing about sickness, how it spreads, how to prepare and deal with it.

No group should demand preferential treatment by any government based on race or the continent where they reside. Each government must be responsible as far as they can be for their own citizens before asking/demanding aid.

There must be a universal cooperation in all matters regarding what we’re facing. Stop the “racism” talk and get to work making yourself as safe as possible first.

There will come a point where the entire world will be demanding the USA fix this problem. One country cannot do it alone.

STOP EATING ANIMALS and anything with any part of an animal in it should be your first line of defense.

Dr. Oz on television told everybody not to wear face masks, yet anyone around those infected are doing just that, and rightly so.

This coronavirus could have already been in the USA for months now, identified as a virus/flu that nobody understood, but spread like fire throughout communities.

Be your own best counsel. To do that, you need accurate, up to date, current information.


CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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