The Scottish Way, Mr. President

I have only one question for President Trump regarding the Israeli deal offered to the Palestinians: Would YOU take that deal?

You trampled on every principle the Scots stood for in their plight to be free from British rule. They sacrificed their blood and treasure, that resulted in the freedom of your ancestors, which ultimately allowed you to become who you are today.

You are that clan as a Scot, Mr. President. It’s in your blood. Yet, you allowed the Jews to betray who you are as a Scot and a man – relinquishing, like a slave, your power to rule your own mind and your own heart.

You were hoodwinked Mr. President. The deal maker of the world turned a blind eye to the freedom wants and needs of a strong-willed, freedom-deserving indigenous people, worthy to survive and thrive on their own land unencumbered by the invasions of a brutal occupying minority with a grudge against Europe.

You think in an uncanny way toward the Palestinians like the British thought of the Scots, that they were an unruly, brutal, dirty, undereducated, crass, head-strong people whom they had to rule to control or destroy.

The Jews outsmarted the most famous Scot in the world – you – by making a deal, they knew in advance would be rejected, that was approved by you, to keep the Palestinians under the rule of the occupying Israelis, stripping them of their dignity and ability to support themselves on their own land, in their own country, in their own way.

Palestine this year is Scotland of yesteryear.

Scotland is free today and you, Mr. President, benefitted from that freedom.

Palestine is not free. The deal maker of the world folded and fed the freedom-deserving people to their executioners.

A Scot you are not Mr. President. Not yet.

You have some unfinished business to attend to.

You need to prove now to the world, through action, that Israel does not own our country, the USA, and are not an occupying force in the Executive branch and Congress, thus every State in this fine Union.

Scots all over the world – including this one – Mr. President – wait for the remainder of the deal to emerge – the Scottish way.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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