What You Wear Gets You Noticed

If Muslims don’t want to be noticed as different, then stop wearing religious garments and then criticizing people for focusing on what they see, your religion, not you.

Whether anybody likes it or not, your attire tells those who view you something about you at any given time. To tell people not to judge what you wear, when the point of you wearing it is to be noticed, thus recognized for something is irrational.

The reason you wear religious garments in public is to show those you encounter that you belong to a religious community, as an agent of that community and as an advertisement for that community.

When I wear NIKE shoes, with their name and/or logo on them, I am advertising for NIKE: I am not advertising myself as an individual.

Thus it is the doctrine of that religious community that a person recognizes when they see a person in religious garments. They don’t see the individual wearing the garments, any more than they see the individual wearing NIKE shoes.

You can’t separate the advertising garments from the message of the religion, any more than you can separate NIKE from shoes.

The individual doing the advertising doesn’t come into play. Nike selects famous people to advertise their shoes, because many people watch famous people and copy their styles of dress.

People wearing religious garments are not famous, so the religious leaders target the masses in a different way. The more religious garments outsiders see, the more outsiders may be influenced by the doctrine of that religion, not the individual person.

For religious people wearing religious clothing to claim they are not being seen as individuals by those not wearing religious clothing it’s because their religious leaders are using them as advertisement for the religion, not advertisement for the individual.

When a priest wears a cassock, it is the priest people see, not the individual wearing it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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