1 – Viruses look for a weak spot – an opening – just like people do, just like the universe does, just like the wind and sand and floods do. Keep your defenses up. If you argue don’t stay mad – switch gears and talk brass tacks. Do it right away rather than stew inContinue reading “THE VIRUS”


I Have A Question(s)

Once a person has been infested with the coronavirus/COVID-19, how long does it take for it to leave all body systems? And when no longer symptomatic, does that simply mean that the virus is dormant, but still present? Once a person has the virus, do they build up an immunity to it? If the virusContinue reading “I Have A Question(s)”


Four years down the drain that could have been better spent advancing the people’s agenda they claimed was also theirs. Why don’t politicians, elected or not, do what the people say they want? Why didn’t Hillary Clinton, after her loss to Donald Trump, fulfill her agenda? She said her agenda was the people’s agenda, soContinue reading “WHAT HAPPENED TO HILLARY'S AND BARACK'S AGENDAS?”


Even if it’s in the hallway to empty the trash. Or when opening doors for deliveries. You don’t know if the delivery driver is sick. Yes. That is what I’m going to do now. The only reason why the government tells people not to wear the protective masks, is to decrease the panic level. ButContinue reading “WEAR MASKS WHEN OUT OF THE HOME”


Why are the rich and famous the only ones being tested for COVID-19? OR ARE THEY? How much does a test cost? What are the required symptoms to get tested? How sick do you have to be? Evidently not very sick. President Trump was exposed, then tested negative? Are you sure it wasn’t a falseContinue reading “TELL ME WHO”

French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

With practically everybody in the USA on anti-inflammatory meds, quitting them might be a way to stay alive if you contract COVID-19, [since 95 million people have been statistically given a death sentence in the USA alone]. A fever means your body is fighting the virus. To artificially reduce the fever, may render the bodyContinue reading “French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus”


THE BLUEPRINT – AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN: There is no law that gives people the right to kill and eat animals. There is no law against it either. There is no law against cannibalism. There is no constitutional provision that protects a person’s eating rights. “The second paragraph of the United States Declaration ofContinue reading “BY LAW”


Yes that’s right, they murder people and all other animals and life forms. They’re smart – smarter than we are. So it takes a lot of smart people to combat those terrorist viruses. Viruses don’t eat, so they can’t grow, they can only multiply, but they can’t multiply themselves. They need a cell they canContinue reading “VIRUSES ARE TERRORISTS”

On Monday Netanyahu Was Toasting Victory. Now He’s Toast.

HWH: A happy day for the world!! My birthday wish came true!! March 2nd! On Monday Netanyahu Was Toasting Victory. Now He’s Toast. Noga Tarnopolsky   The Daily Beast   March 6, 2020, 7:53 AM EST JERUSALEM—An elated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu roared “this is the biggest victory of my life!”—but that wasContinue reading “On Monday Netanyahu Was Toasting Victory. Now He’s Toast.”


Changing medical records by omission, deletion, addition, re-wording, alteration or by any other means or mode is tampering of the witness. Medical records serve as witness to the condition of the patient, and are subject to an outsider’s interpretation, not a factual interpretation. The only objective participant is the patient, since it’s the patient’s body,Continue reading “YOUR MEDICAL RECORD IS A WITNESS”

Taliban and U.S. Strike Deal to Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan

HWH COMMENT: Now we can add 3,500 more American lives lost in the Afghan war to the 4,424 American lives lost in the Iraq war and the 2, 977 lives lost on 9-11 = 10,901 lives lost, and add to that the number of family member’s lives that were destroyed forever. Was it worth it?Continue reading “Taliban and U.S. Strike Deal to Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan”