There are a lot of geniuses working low-paying jobs. They know how to figure out what needs to be figured out. They’re survivors who care about family and friends and new acquaintances.

Don’t make the mistake of entering their lives with the intent of manipulating them with bumper sticker phrases and fancy jargon that worked for some other candidate long ago.

They see right through insincerity. If you have a plan, it’s best to give the plan. If somebody steals your thunder come up with a better one – with more detailed and sparkling words.

The party usually makes the mistakes for the candidate, not the other way around.

Let the candidate speak their truth with a plan to back it up.

Many candidates, and the parties to which they belong, think they’re above the populace.

Sophistication is window dressing. The real sophisticate is the one who shines with or without the garnish.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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