Changing medical records by omission, deletion, addition, re-wording, alteration or by any other means or mode is tampering of the witness.

Medical records serve as witness to the condition of the patient, and are subject to an outsider’s interpretation, not a factual interpretation. The only objective participant is the patient, since it’s the patient’s body, self, who owns it’s body, itself, that determines said ownership and the best representative of itself.

Subjective reporting by the patient is more accurate than objective reporting by an observer. The patient has benefit of internal and external insights of the self, whereas the observer has only benefit of external insights of the patient.

The external view by an observer of the patient always contains prejudices irrelevant to the medical condition of the patient, thus renders it invalid as a legal document of truth.

Therefore, when an individual or a representative of an entity enters the record to change the record for purposes that benefit an individual or an entity outside the patient, it is witness tampering.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation routinely allows insurance company and other program and affiliate representatives to enter a patient’s record, after the fact, and alter it for the benefit of insurance companies and other program affiliations.

The CCF treats every patient as if they are in a pending legal case regarding their health status, thus treats them prejudicially.

Witness tampering of witness records is both the policy and practice of the CCF that no authority has ever officially questioned.

I am now, as a patient, that authority. The CCF policy and practice of altering on a regular and continual basis witness records of its patients for potential litigation purposes, whether the patient is in litigation or not, is hereby made public for the general and the common good of all.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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