French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

With practically everybody in the USA on anti-inflammatory meds, quitting them might be a way to stay alive if you contract COVID-19, [since 95 million people have been statistically given a death sentence in the USA alone]. A fever means your body is fighting the virus.

To artificially reduce the fever, may render the body systems less effective in self-healing and/or regulating/fighting the contagion. That’s my partial take-away from it.



It seems that every over-the-counter medication is demonized. The Feds took away the opioids, then scared people off anti-inflammatory and fever reducing drugs with reports of brain hemorrhage, stroke and even Alzheimer’s. What’s left, except to endure?

Oh right, I just remembered. $2,400.00 for a cortisone shot that takes a staff of more than 10 people to administer and thousands of dollars for psychiatric and physical therapy – to convince you that you don’t have pain after all, and a little walking everyday will take care of all your ailments – for short-term relief only.

So, the opioid epidemic that isn’t contagious, and the over-reliance on over-the-counter healing assistance meds by people who can’t afford medical care, got the Cleveland Clinic and all other medical institutions thinking on how to make even more money – lots of money, charging exorbitant rates that leave people with nothing leftover to live on. Can you imagine that – the difference in cost of a prescription compared to the total cost of cortisone plus psychiatric and physical therapy?

In fact, they won’t give one, unless you agree to the full treatment package. It’s like they’re treating everybody like an addict, before they become one. Evidently the clinic wasn’t making enough money trying to keep all their doctors from all the medical areas active. And they blamed the pharmaceutical companies for that. Give the patient a prescription and they don’t need all that expensive treatment.

I said to my doctor, why can’t they give me the exercises and I’ll do them at home? The answer was a flat-out no. Why not? They want to work with you. Yeah, well they’re not the ones injured, so they can’t understand my body the way I can. Still, no. I felt like I was being extorted for money. Go through our ten thousand dollar plus program and we may give you a prescription.

Years ago when I went to physical therapy, the therapists eventually got angry at me when my dystonic muscles wouldn’t loosen up under their care. It was not a good experience for me, being under their knuckles desperate to break down muscles that weren’t able to be broken down via physical manipulation of any type.

The question is who benefitted by the so-called opioid epidemic that wasn’t an epidemic? Hospitals, clinics, doctors, rehabilitation services – all of it.

Did you know that the Cleveland Clinic doesn’t support the science that marijuana is an effective treatment for some conditions? They don’t want people self-medicating. They don’t want me doing my own exercises at home. Because they don’t make any money from it.

They’d have to get into the drug business. Well, guess what, they’re already in. I wonder if they lobbied against recreational use of marijuana, till they get a piece of that money pie? Just wondering.

I think it’s time We The People intervened where our congresspeople fear to tread. It seems that the only purpose of a congress is to make laws that benefit businesses and wealthy people. And where they fail, then We The People get punished.

It seems this virus popped up in a lot of places simultaneously. But you’ll never get the Africans to believe everything didn’t start with them in Africa with Noah’s big ARK. I just can’t imagine Africans wanting to save all those animals from a flood. To me, for anyone to think life as defined by science started in one tiny location and spread from there to everywhere else, it has to be agenda-driven. That’s my view.

Even if a host is always required, a host can appear in many locations at once, thus if many hosts around the globe are ready to carry a virus, that attaches itself to oil and dirt, then humans in their original life form probably did the same.

The primary hosts are dirt/particulate and oil. The secondary hosts are animals and in some instances with other viruses, plants.

Of course that’s just my thought and I speak the right to pass it along – even though I shouldn’t need to do that.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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