Even if it’s in the hallway to empty the trash. Or when opening doors for deliveries. You don’t know if the delivery driver is sick.

Yes. That is what I’m going to do now.

The only reason why the government tells people not to wear the protective masks, is to decrease the panic level. But the panic level has already risen, and appropriately so.

The one caution people aren’t taking is to stay six feet from any human.

There is no way to achieve that. Lines are lines, even when you’re in the take-out food line, it’s still a line. People sway about in a line, move about, look about.

Ten people could become more like fifty people, packed in like sardines, spreading germs as they sway, coughing due to air particulate, not necessarily virus. Though air particulate can contain virus that the virus uses as a vehicle.

When people enter a restaurant for take-out, they’ll still be sitting at tables or booths waiting for their food. It happens all the time.

But that’s not the primary reason to wear a mask.

A mask naturally enforces the six feet, or close to it, rule of distance the government is trying to get people to self-impose.

A mask will do it.

Anybody who says no mask, not now not ever, is agenda-driven for all the wrong reasons.

When I see a person with a mask on, I assume they have something they don’t want to spread, or they’re trying to protect themselves from those not wearing a mask.

And how about buses and trains and subways? There’s no six foot distance possibility during peak hours.

Has anybody ever been overwhelmed coughing when someone walks by loaded with cologne? I have. It’s disturbing and now it has become dangerous.

Oils on the skin?

Viruses attach themselves to oils and dirt or other air-borne particulate.

Leave off the cologne, to keep from making others near you cough, and leave off the oils on your skin. Make-up too. They all are virus catchers making pathways into your body and blood.

When waiting in lines at restaurants or sitting in booths till your order arrives, wear a mask – to protect yourself and others from getting ‘too close for comfort’. Your brain now knows what that ‘too close for comfort’ means.

Some, knowing they are infected will try to infect others as a vengeful tactic, because they know no other way to respond when they’re doomed.

Trust your instincts above all else.

Government agencies are not present to help the individual or even the masses. They are present to make economies survive during a crisis.

Don’t let COVID-19 win.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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