Four years down the drain that could have been better spent advancing the people’s agenda they claimed was also theirs.

Why don’t politicians, elected or not, do what the people say they want?

Why didn’t Hillary Clinton, after her loss to Donald Trump, fulfill her agenda?

She said her agenda was the people’s agenda, so she already had the people mobilized. Why send them home?

What ended her agenda? She couldn’t afford it? Or she thought she could only make an impact as president of the USA?

Even Barack Obama realized that it wasn’t the office, no matter how high, it was something else. Maybe he never learned what that something else was. Maybe he was just another politician without a plan.

Change isn’t a plan. They both wanted change, but neither knew what that change should look like or how to implement it.

Nobody has to be a politician to do good, or to advance their causes. Hillary’s only cause became self-pity and vengeance which she spread like a contagion to the world.

Both Hillary and Barack became Take-Out-Trump agitators. They made political moves instead of progressive forward-stepping moves, even though neither was in politics any more.

They became alienators instead of peace makers. It’s like the entire world moved backwards because they told them to. The world played follow the leaders into hate territory.

And that’s where they remain.

I’d like to see either of them and their spouses say something, anything, without first dumping on Trump.

Both Hillary and Barack are heavy hitters in the influential category, who reduced themselves to school yard punks, bullying those they deemed inferior to themselves. That’s called supremacy – no matter the color or political affiliation.

Nobody likes a sore loser. So why did they go down that road? Because it felt good? Because they weren’t psychologically mature enough to handle defeat? Because they wanted the entire world to share in their agony? Because they took the world for granted?

Do you know why Bloomberg didn’t make an impact as a candidate? Because he focused on Trump’s fake hair, fake tan and fat body – all the features the black Africans cried to the world, that people didn’t like about them – their hair, their fat and their skin color.

I thought Hillary and Barack would be above that – turns out they weren’t. “They go low, we go high”. No. The republicans went low and the democrats went lower.

Hillary and Barack showed the world just how shallow politicians are – all of them. I don’t think there’s a cure for shallow.

Making fun of people has become an obsession. If that’s their idea of changing the world, then they got it all wrong. They evolved backwards and brought the entire world with them.

That’s not the kind of success the world needs.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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