1 – Viruses look for a weak spot – an opening – just like people do, just like the universe does, just like the wind and sand and floods do.

Keep your defenses up. If you argue don’t stay mad – switch gears and talk brass tacks.

Do it right away rather than stew in that pot for hours days weeks. That is a weakness in itself.

When you’re caught unaware it’s because you were oblivious, distracted, in denial, or just plain __________you fill in the blank.

2 – People in senior residences want and need masks, some have them, most don’t. Instruct them to cover their faces with a clean rag, towel, bandana – something is better than nothing – when they’re in close proximity to others in the building and when shopping, keeping doctor appointments etc.

People keep blaming seniors for spreading the virus, when its others spreading the disease to them. Instead of helping them protect themselves from everybody else, they sequester them, so as not to upset the millennials who don’t like old people.

3 – I need isopropyl alcohol. I’ve used it since my toxic mold infestation days as a cleaner and total skin cleanser. I use it to keep Lilly’s ears fungus-free. Yet I can’t get it, because the Jews of the USA saw an opportunity to gouge people. They bought alcohol in bulk and now sell it on eBay for $43.00 for 2 bottles. ‘We The People’ go without because those people without a conscience bought it all up. They’re not hoarding it, they bought it to resell at huge markup prices – exploiting a national crisis for profit. Stop blaming ‘We The People’. We didn’t do it. The Cleveland Clinic had to make a deal with CLEVELAND WHISKEY to make isopropyl alcohol for their use only. I can hear Don Imus from beyond the grave saying, “you can’t make this stuff up”.

4 – Why did we build all those factories all over the world, especially in China and areas with low health and safety standards? Now we have to rely on those countries to make and ship us product that could be contaminated. How would we know? How long do we have to wait to get them? And why did we put ourselves in the position of being reliant on foreign countries in times of national emergency.

So none of those factory workers all over the globe have coronavirus? Now who’s kidding who here?

5 – Retire Dr. Oz’s ass for telling people they’re being unpatriotic for wearing a mask to shield sneezes and coughs when around others. What? We’re supposed to sacrifice our lives because we sent all the mask-making factories to China? A doctor who bragged about ‘mind-controlling’ unsuspecting patients while they were under anesthesia is not fit to be advising the world on patriotism or health. He doesn’t understand boundaries. He needs to get off the stage. Take him off the stage – he did irreparable harm to all Americans. They need to take prudent measures, not be lectured about why they shouldn’t take prudent measures.

6 – Look, employees in necessary services are required to take their temperature before working, my husband Steve does too. Is this the same requirement all over the world, in countries which ship us product to use and consume? If employees in the USA are required, then government agencies need to advise all people, no matter the demographic, to take their temperature every day. And then instruct them on what to do if they have a fever. They need an 800 number to call. What? You don’t have access to the number of thermometers needed? Where is that factory located? If the virus can live on a dollar bill for 17 days, then it can live on other products at least as long.

7 – I ordered a respirator mask online. At the time they were in stock. Now, I’m not going to get it till the end of May. But they said it shipped, so I can’t cancel the order. It’s still March. What are they doing, shipping it from the moon? How do we know these products coming in from China are safe? Why aren’t there any mask-making companies/factories in the USA? What do they store in all those warehouses they claim on their tax returns? Drugs? They don’t exist? A fake address and a picture of a fake warehouse? Is that it? Why would congress allow this country to be dependent on foreign countries in time of national crisis – many of them not too friendly toward America and Americans? What were they all thinking?

8 – I believe this virus was here about this time last year – how many people died? Everybody got sick, nobody knew what it was. I believe that the insurance companies covered it up. Doctors misdiagnose on a regular basis. Why? Because the insurance companies control their diagnoses.

9 – I want some answers. Governments aren’t in the business of saving lives. They’re in the business of saving and/or making money.

10 – If government is already accepting a high number of deaths as inevitable due to the new coronavirus/COVID-19, that means they’re in the saving-money mode.

11 – Governments never tell the truth. Politicians never tell the truth. Businesses never tell the truth. Nobody in a position of power tells the truth – otherwise they wouldn’t have that position.

It’s the way they operate. Truth is relative to them, thus easily bended, not for the sake of the populace, but for the so-called institutions to which they belong and to which they’ve sworn their loyalty.

So they can operate with impunity is why. If you tell the truth on everything, you won’t get anything done is their reasoning. People will shut you down for not playing the game. Eventually these perpetual lie-tellers believe their own lies. If you’re part of government, you’re not really part of transparency and oversight. Transparency and oversight are corrupt constructs told to make the populace believe these ‘institutions’ have their backs.

Start thinking for yourselves and demand action.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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