Should Congress Pass Bills RE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 That Treat Races Differently?

Should Africans expect that since they make up 13% of the total USA population, that only 13% of their race should contract the coronavirus/COVID-19? 

HWH COMMENTARY: The African community leaders in the USA want racial data on all coronavirus/COVID-19 victims to check for, “disparities in the national response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is taking a disproportionate toll on African Americans and other nonwhite populations”

What that means is they already have their statistical models set up according to the ratio of Africans to ‘white people’ (that includes numerous ethnicities by the way) in the USA and will try to force-fit their prejudices and demand their discriminations against white people, using fudged figures as they have been known to do in any area regarding numbers and services. 

In other words, they see a gift horse here and are seeking to exploit it in favor of all non-white poor people. We already know the poor will get less than the rich. The ones introducing the bills will get quicker more effective treatment than the poor. But for Africans to try to push their poor to the front of the line, comparing poor Africans with rich whites is off the wall. They’re looking for privilege in all the wrong places. Putting poor whites at the end of the line is no different than putting poor Africans at the front of the line. 

Poor whites are not even considered as worthy of treatment.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio for twenty-six years. Africans get whatever they want. They want false teeth, they get them. They want a new leg they get it. They want a motorized wheelchair, they get it. They’re the first at the handout line – always. If figures suggest otherwise, then the figures were fudged.

For decades African leaders have been crying about rainbows and color-blindness and we’re all one people under their God in their eyes. Yet now, all their eyes see is the color green with dollar signs written all over them – ready to pounce and exploit once again a national crisis to their benefit and their benefit only. Oh well, let’s include all the people who are non-white to increase our numbers thus our power. But because we are the Africans introducing the bill, we get preferential, privileged treatment – the same treatment rich whites get.

How is that? You mean poor white people, who far surpass poor Africans in numbers, and that’s what they’re doing – increasing their own numbers by including anybody non-white, should go to the back of the line?

Whatever happened to first come, first serve? So now with this new registry, doctors, hospitals and clinics will deny so-called white people services to keep slots open for future Africans coming in at a later time? That’s what it boils down to.

This proposal sounds too Hitleresque to be in any way palatable or fair or equal. Dredging up long past historical conditions for the purpose of establishing new prejudicial practices against poor white people will overburden the medical systems that now will have to consider which color to treat first.

That is not a democratic way – it is an autocratic way that seeks to treat non-white victims first, because they have more underlying health conditions which by the way was brought on by a culture that doesn’t value taking responsibility for their own health by living healthy.

Africans go to the same grocery stores and restaurants as everybody else. They choose the unhealthy foods that make them obese. It has nothing to do with economic status. They’d rather have designer shoes, purses, hairdos, fingernails than spend money on healthy food. It’s their own culture that dictates how they eat and how they care for their bodies.


The woman in the photo is obese. She sets the example that it’s not only okay, but desirable. She evidently thinks that people should be able to eat what they want, ignore all the warnings, even when they’re diagnosed with underlying conditions, they don’t follow the doctor’s orders to lose weight and eat healthy. Nobody’s going to tell them to stop eating animals.

Then to top it off, most Africans refused to engage in social distancing to thwart the spread of the coronavirus. They laughed, thinking they knew better than anybody else. They infected a lot of people, many times each other. Once again, they have television sets, computers, iphones like everybody else and they’re all over social media. They heard the same news, the same warnings, the same instructions that everybody else heard – they just chose to ignore them.

Now the African community wants to be treated preferentially because of their harmful-to-everybody choices.

First come, first served is the only way to treat the sick.

Once the government starts treating according to race – anybody’s race – people get denied services and healthcare for the coronavirus becomes rationed. 

I live in a senior residence. Management is trying to keep seniors safe, but most of the Africans evidently don’t agree that they’re in danger. Two to an elevator doesn’t mean six to an elevator – all Africans, visiting Africans, after we all received the same directive that visitors were not allowed. They’re bringing in children, so grandparents can baby sit. That was banned for now. Africans don’t like the rules, they don’t follow them. And then what? They get sick and take down a few others with them.

In Africa, the populace is demanding that government leaders sit down and discuss and deal with individual communities regarding social distancing – not race-based communities. We call them neighborhoods in America. Do you know how many communities are in every country in Africa? Logistically it is impossible to accomplish. But everybody wants to be a leader – have a sit-down to discuss what they’ll get for compliance. This is no time to be politicking, when lives are at stake.

Now in America, it’s not much different. Africans have their representatives try to force through bills in congress that would give them preferential treatment when they do get sick. 

This is no time to be exploiting a national crisis for racial benefit.

It’s not time, it will never be time and it’s not right. 

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is not prejudicial as Africans believe. It is a virus that attacks anybody in its path. That Africans invite the virus in by poor health habits and ignoring ways to stop the spread of the virus is not the fault of so-called white people.

Africans and Spanish people huddle – it’s their cultural way. They have bad eating habits – that’s their cultural way. Many white people do as well, but they’re not blaming some other race for their choices.

It’s odd that they don’t seek to change the very cultures which promote ill-health, and then when they’re told how to decrease their chances of getting sick, they choose to ignore the warnings and directives meant to save their lives. 

Again, you can’t blame that on white people.

Look to your own culture and the peer and family pressure that perpetuates unhealthy habits.

These bills should not have excluded white people. By doing so they turned all white people into villains, when in fact, more white people proportionately are adhering to the governments recommendations to stay safe and stop the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 than all other races put together.

Perhaps the nonwhite communities should follow their example.

Should Africans expect that since they make up 13% of the total USA population, that only 13% of their race should contract the coronavirus/COVID-19? 

Democratic bills call for racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday introduced legislation to compel federal health officials to post data daily that breaks down COVID-19 cases and deaths by race and ethnicity.

The lawmakers say the demographic data is needed to address any disparities in the national response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is taking a disproportionate toll on African Americans and other nonwhite populations.

“Because of government-sponsored discrimination and systemic racism, communities of color are on the frontlines of this pandemic,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of several sponsors of the legislation in the Senate, said in a statement. “To effectively slow the spread of the virus and ensure our response is robust and equitable, we need comprehensive national data on who is getting infected, who is getting treatment, and who is dying.”

The latest Associated Press analysis of available state and local data shows that more than 30% of those who have died from COVID-19 are African American, although blacks make up roughly 13% of the population in the areas covered in the analysis.

The Democratic lawmakers sent a letter March 28 to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar urging federal release of the demographic data. The data has not been released.

If passed, the legislation introduced in the House and Senate on Tuesday would require HHS to collect data on race, ethnicity, sex, age and socioeconomic status, among other demographic information on those tested and treated for COVID-19. The information would be posted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

The CDC so far has released racial and ethnicity data pertaining only to March hospitalizations in 14 states, which showed black Americans as roughly one-third of those patients.

The legislation also requires HHS to provide a summary of final COVID-19 statistics in a report to Congress, no more than 60 days after the public health emergency has ended.

“History has shown us that in the face of any public health crisis, communities of color disproportionately suffer,” said Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who is black and among dozens of lawmakers spearheading the legislation in the House. “We are less likely to have access to quality and affordable health care and more likely to live with underlying conditions. The stark racial disparities in COVID-19 cases and deaths are a disturbing reminder of that reality.”

The legislation has more than 80 Democratic sponsors, including those who represent New York City, the epicenter of the U.S. virus outbreak.

“Now is the time for our nation’s leaders to use race-based data to finally address these disparities and save black lives,” Rep. Karen Bass, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, said in a statement.

A spokesperson for HHS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The AP analysis, based on data through Monday, found that of the 11,400 COVID-19 victims whose demographic data was publicly shared by officials, more than 30% were black. African Americans account for 13.3% of the 246 million people who live in the areas covered by the analysis, which encompasses data from 20 states and the cities of Houston, Memphis, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. There have been more than 25,000 deaths in the nation as of Tuesday afternoon.

The cities were included separately because they are in states that lack comprehensive statewide demographic COVID-19 death data. The AP’s analysis was one of the first attempts to examine the racial disparities of COVID-19 cases and deaths nationwide.

Associated Press writer Kat Stafford and Data Editor Meghan Hoyer contributed to this report.

Source: Democratic bills call for racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases


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