Noah’s Ark Was A Trojan Horse?

IT’S TIME to teach a history lesson to the Jews in Palestine and their collaborators WORLDWIDE that THEY’LL never forget – about committing a revenge holocaust against people who didn’t participate in global wars. And then there’s that other detail about stealing other peoples homes, land, and children to fulfill a statehood promise/premonition administered by Adolf Hitler.

  • Hey, I’m the only one not Jew or Palestinian who’s writing about the Jews in Palestine. Everybody else is scared silly.

World leaders and world citizenry turned their collective backs on prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, when they turned their backs on Palestine and what it means to be a Palestinian on their own Homeland. The Palestinians didn’t steal land from the Jews. Yet, the Jews will twist their stories to make it look that way.

Where do you think Word Warrior Davies-Tight got her 5 PRINCIPLES model to a better life? From observing THE JEWS who stand in unison – in all matters concerning prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – against anyone or any entity who won’t give them what they want.

5 FLAWS BECOME 5 PRINCIPLES when you precede each flaw with a NO. Every culture on earth understands the word NO, except the Jews. So, right off the bat, they’ve got something missing in the brain department.

One flaw leads to the next flaw if left unchecked. In other words:

prejudice leads to discrimination;

discrimination leads to enslavement;

enslavement leads to torture;

torture leads to slaughter.

The over-riding question in my mind regarding Jews was pretty basic, then and now.

Why does the world hate Jews?

It took me decades to figure that out, only because I never heard anybody talk about the Jews. If no one’s talking about them, then how can one know why they hate them? People generally make known who they hate. It’s part of the hate process – to vent about it.

I lived in 15 cities in 8 states and travelled to 13 countries, including driving across the USA and never once did Jews or a Jew come up in a conversation, nor did I ever hear from a distant conversation in any gathering any reference to Jews.

The only time I heard Jews referenced was on television in the form of propaganda by Jews exploiting mass deaths during WWII for financial and political gain, as a result of Adolph Hitler’s military sweep to use them in his war factories under the guise of setting them free in a land called theirs.

Well, aside from the atrocities of war, Adolph Hitler’s promise or premonition came true, because that’s where they are now – in the year 2020 confiscating land from the Palestinians to form their North African Empire with a Jewish majority in the Middle East and beyond.

Most of the world doesn’t know that Jews are not indigenous to Palestine as a group, but more as stragglers, coming and going. In fact, according to their own Hebrew bible, Noah’s Ark landed on a mountain top somewhere near Turkey.

It seems odd that Noah’s Ark would even be referenced in a ‘history of the Jews’ article, but it is. Why would they include it in the history of Jews, specifically in Turkey, if they didn’t think the Jews landed on top of a mountain in Noah’s Ark? What was in the Ark for them that they claim as theirs? Oh, so the secret untold Jew story is that their God saved the Jews, not two of every other animal? Hm.

I thought Noah’s Ark contained two of every animal on the planet. Now I find out that Noah’s Ark contained Jews. What an eye-opener. A Trojan Horse! God via Noah chose Turkey (Eastern Anatolia), not Palestine to land the Jews.

That’s all the world has to know. That’s why Palestine isn’t called Jewstine, because God didn’t choose Palestine for the Jews. God chose Palestine for the Palestinians and Turkey for the Jews. They were supposed to get along, but you know them, or do you? All that jibberish back and forth and so-called Mandatory land grabs arranged by foreign entities for the benefit of foreign entities means nothing. Certainly NOT NOW.

Jews did not originate in Palestine. So, Palestine is not their homeland.

Jews write their own history on Wikipedia, along with everybody else’s history. It looks like they were in everybody’s empires – except Palestine that didn’t have an empire.

This whole Mandatory Palestine thing came about in 1923 – the twentieth century – not in the year Christ was born or before Christ was born or even a hundred years after Christ was born.

The Jews living in Palestine at the time the Mandatory Palestine was issued were given Palestinian citizenship, not Israeli citizenship. So if the Jews are going to reference the Mandatory Palestine as reason and justification for occupation and the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine, then they have to follow those rules of the Mandate. The Jews existing at that time, living on that land were citizens of Palestine.

So how can a Palestinian occupy Palestine? They can’t. It’s impossible, because they’re already citizens. So the rules of occupation put forth by the United Nations are null and void in this instance. Jews are Palestinian citizens. Since 1923.

In fact, all people on that land at that time, no matter where they originated from, were granted Palestinian citizenship. The Jews accepted that Mandate.

But the Jews had another plan. And that’s where we are today. The Jews want their own Empire. Plain and simple – but a far cry from pure.

So why does the world supposedly hate Jews?

Because they fear them. They fear what they’ll do if not given their way.

They fear consequences.

They fear for their lives and the lives of their families being made living hells. That dictate comes from the mouths of Jews. It’s their promise to the world – and has many times over been substantiated by their actions.

You know what they say about terrorists. ‘If they threaten to do something if you don’t comply, they do what they say they’re going to do’.

On a different note, there’s something else about Jews, that although I prefer not to get into physical traits, there is a history via Hollywood, and that’s where we all learned it, about the size of Jewish noses.

My conclusion on what should be a silly matter isn’t.

It’s not the size of the nose that matters – though that’s what the Jews will tell you. It’s what they do with their noses, that makes people fear them. It’s like there’s a Jew lurking in every corner, waiting to get some dirt on someone to exploit for financial or political gain. That’s a serious issue.

Then there’s the other issue of Jews wanting you to hate them and provoking that hatred for the purpose of exploitation. That’s a serious issue too.

But the most explosive issue is a citizen of Palestine (of which the Jews are) claiming “occupation rights” over the rest of the citizens of Palestine who are not of the Jewish faith.

So, it appears (according to the actions of the United Nations) that a religious sect of any nation can at whim decide to ‘occupy’ the country in which they have citizenship.

As an example, it would also follow that the Mormon citizenry in the United States could if they wanted to, claim “occupation rights” and start bombing the non-Mormon citizenry into submission, drive them South of the Border until enough leave, so that Mormons have enough land space to invite other Mormons from around the world to ‘settle’ in the United States of Mormons, stealing homes and lands from anyone not Mormon for the purpose of forming a majority of Mormons.

Would the United Nations and all world leaders turn their backs to that theoretical situation that mirrors what’s happening in Palestine? What if it happened in their own country?

It’s really not complicated. Would we start studying who was there first, going back to the beginning of time, to determine whose land it really is? Oh right. That already happened here in the USA. Guess we didn’t learn much from that history lesson.

Even if Jews decided to call what they’re doing in Palestine a civil war, since both sides are citizens of Palestine, unless of course Jews renounced their Palestinian citizenship, civil wars are usually fought on ideological and political grounds and not on borders. Border conflicts are fought by two or more countries. The Jews in Palestine would first have to recognize Palestine as a country and they haven’t done that. The Jews haven’t even defined their borders, yet they call themselves a country within Palestine.

It’s appearing more obvious that the Jews in Palestine want a Kingdom situation not unlike other Middle Eastern countries. But Palestine isn’t a kingdom. That’s a problem for them. That’s why they’re branching out into Syria. They better be careful where they step. All those Palestinians who fled Palestine in fear for their lives are living in neighboring countries, Syria being one of them.

What does Noah’s Ark have to do with Jews in Turkey?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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