Don’t burn my city, then sit back light a cigar and say ‘now let’s come together’. That’s what they do in Africa. That’s what Pacific Islanders do, they rape a girl then ask her for a date. That’s savagery. No thank you. I think I’ll pass. Change your cultures, then maybe we’ll talk. In theContinue reading “DON’T BURN MY CITY”


Tearing Down Statues – vandalism or terrorism

So that’s allowed in the USA? I can go out and tear down a statue on public property without consequences? Am I living in Iraq? I’m not a fan of statues or memorials or holocaust, slavery, CIA torture or presidential museums. The money could be better spent. When forcing a regime change, statues are tornContinue reading “Tearing Down Statues – vandalism or terrorism”

Dems Appease Black Lives Terrorists With A State

HWH Commentary: Democrats claim: The federal government is occupying the District of Columbia. Sounds like Israel occupying Palestine. Frankly with such a high percentage of blacks living in the District of Columbia it sounds more like they’re the occupiers. Since when does the USA government reward home grown terrorism by giving the terrorists a stateContinue reading “Dems Appease Black Lives Terrorists With A State”

White Man Gets Neck Kneed

HWH ClipBoard: Neck? It looks like they’re sitting on his white face. Where’s the outrage when it happens to a white guy? Well, the guy wasn’t a double wide, so he didn’t die from underlying conditions, but he still couldn’t breathe even being skinny. Such a tiny guy needing four people on top of himContinue reading “White Man Gets Neck Kneed”

Close the Lid! Flushing Toilets Spreads Coronavirus

June 16, 2020, at 12:00 p.m. Close the Lid! Flushing Toilets Spreads Coronavirus: Study   BY ROBERT PREIDT, HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY,  June 16, 2020 (HealthDay News) — A large cloud of virus-laden droplets can be released high into the air when you flush a toilet — and it can hang around long enough to beContinue reading “Close the Lid! Flushing Toilets Spreads Coronavirus”

Who Did You Say Is Privileged?

The so-called privileged in all societies are boys and men. The color skin doesn’t matter. Rich doesn’t matter much either. The rich control their own by way of shunning behaviors they find objectionable or for acting on one’s own behalf rather than the group. Africans and Spanish do the same with ethnicity. But in allContinue reading “Who Did You Say Is Privileged?”

Badass Vegan Goes Off On ALL LIVES MATTER

HWH ClipBoard: John Lewis holds all animals hostage to his black people matter more than they do agenda. ‘Stand with black people and more black people will go vegan’. That’s just not true. Black people don’t negotiate that way. Using animals as bait to get himself more publicity is going to hurt more animals thanContinue reading “Badass Vegan Goes Off On ALL LIVES MATTER”

As Israel Vows Annexation, Palestinian Leaders Embark On Risky Form Of Protest

HWH ClipBoard: When you control people you own them. Jews in Greater Palestine and around the world have demonstrated that they own Palestinians by controlling every facet of their lives. Israel to me cannot continue to exist as a slave owner nation. The brutality of that slave master paradigm set up by the Jews isContinue reading “As Israel Vows Annexation, Palestinian Leaders Embark On Risky Form Of Protest”

Are Your Pants On Fire?

Don’t Overthink It. Somebody else will do that for you – somebody else always does – trying to prove you wrong by pointing out the logic flaws or fact-checking hyperbole, not necessarily out of meanness, it’s how their brain runs. Let them ruin your words knowing they couldn’t have formed your original thoughts if theirContinue reading “Are Your Pants On Fire?”