Are Your Pants On Fire?

Don’t Overthink It.

Somebody else will do that for you – somebody else always does – trying to prove you wrong by pointing out the logic flaws or fact-checking hyperbole, not necessarily out of meanness, it’s how their brain runs.

Let them ruin your words knowing they couldn’t have formed your original thoughts if their lives depended on it. A rebuttal from you is pointless. Move on to your next thing.

The point in their collective minds is to neutralize sufficiently to render your words insignificant. Focusing so hard on challenging hyperbole has the adverse effect of making the challenger appear shallow, as if that’s all they’ve got, that’s their talent, to break apart an exaggeration to make a point. Little minds think that’s a gift, when in reality, it’s a curse to be stuck with not being able to go any further in one’s thought process than to fact-check hyperbole – a language tool all humans use to get somebody’s attention.

Sharon said, “That box weighed a ton”.

Sharon just lied. She said for the whole world to hear that the box she was carrying weighed a ton. Here’s how we know it didn’t. blah blah blah. Our conclusion is that her pants are on fire!

Good. You can laugh at the ‘hyperbole fact-checker’ who used hyperbole to describe Sharon’s pants. They really weren’t on fire, now were they?

Isn’t that pants-on-fire thing something that children do? So these people on television news shows and internet magazines who fact-check hyperbole and then blatantly engage in the sport in reporting their own conclusions get paid millions of dollars yearly just to do that?

I wonder how much Facebook trolls get paid to neutralize people’s posts? Or to scream names at them using words that draw the readers attention away from the original content?

Why are trolls so afraid of other people’s thoughts? Everybody has a right to their opinion – as long as it coincides with theirs?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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