Dems Appease Black Lives Terrorists With A State

HWH Commentary: Democrats claim: The federal government is occupying the District of Columbia. Sounds like Israel occupying Palestine. Frankly with such a high percentage of blacks living in the District of Columbia it sounds more like they’re the occupiers.

Since when does the USA government reward home grown terrorism by giving the terrorists a state of their own? I guess times change – better to appease them to risk more burned cities? Maybe the high crime rate will go down? How about all the states that called in the National Guard during the riots, are they the next in line for annexation to black lives matter?

I didn’t see a vote from the House condemning Israel’s annexation of the West Bank. So on one hand, they’re pro-occupation of Palestinians by Jews, but anti-occupation of blacks lives in the District of Columbia by the federal government.

What products does D.C. make? What products will they sell to other states to support their economy? Do they know how to sell anything other than drugs? Is this going to become the slaughterhouse state? What’s it going to look like? A welfare state? Why no gradual plan for independence like they’re shoving down the throats of Palestinians, approved evidently by the House, since there were no collective votes of dissent?

It’s obvious that Nancy Pelosi the House speaker is playing with the hearts, minds and lives of the entire nation by being so reckless for her own party’s political purpose. Does she think this will secure a democratic win in November?

With one vote the House writes and approves a change to the original design of the founding fathers to keep the capital separate. Nobody forced black people to live there. What is this a BLACK LIVES ONLY capital city? So, protestors got angry and the House Dems threw them a state?

How terribly rude and prejudicial. Black Lives are saying D.C. as a separate entity is a product of systemic racism? Everything to Black lives terrorists is racism.

You can give the residents of D.C. representation in congress and the senate without making D.C. a state. Write a bill, vote on it, sign on it. Too difficult? Takes too much time out of efforts to down a president? It should have been made a resident-free zone for only national and federal offices and affiliates. With restaurants and hotels for visitors.

So making D.C. a state is going to bring down the crime rate? Make it a better place to live? Why wouldn’t blacks do that anyway? Why hold D.C. hostage with high crime until they get their state? Is the state of D.C. going to have a hot-line to the white house?

Sounds like institutionalized black privilege to me. Are they going to do what Benjamin Netanyahu did in Palestine, making a Jewish majority by inviting Jewish outsiders in to increase their numbers? Black lives terrorists in D.C. will assure a black majority by inviting blacks into the state to throw white people off their property? It happens now, wherever blacks collectively reside, they push white people out.

Black leaders have repeatedly said, ‘if it worked for the Jews it will work for us’.

Black Lives terrorists got their foot in the door, but they don’t know what’s behind it or what’s at the bottom of that slippery BLACKS LIVES ONLY slope. They should, but they think it will be different for them because their skin is colored black. Hmm.

It is the first time a chamber of Congress has approved establishing the nation’s capital as the 51st state. The measure is all but certain to die in the Republican-led Senate.

‘It is Long Past Time’: House Votes to Grant Statehood to D.C.

The House voted to grant statehood to Washington, D.C., the first time a chamber of Congress has approved establishing the nation’s capital as the 51st state. The bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-led Senate.

It is long past time to apply the nation’s oldest slogan, “no taxation without representation,” and the principle of consent of the governed to District of Columbia residents. H.R. 51 would do so, and Congress has both the moral obligation and the constitutional authority to pass the bill. Eighty-six percent of D.C. residents voted in favor of statehood in 2016. In fact, D.C. residents have been fighting for voting rights in Congress and local autonomy for 219 years. If offered, I will vote to return residential portions of D.C. to Maryland, thus giving D.C. citizens the power to vote on Maryland’s two U.S. senators. That option is consistent with historical precedents. But I will never vote to give a single, middling-sized city the same political power as one of America’s great 50 states. There being 232 votes in the affirmative, 180 votes in the negative, the District of Columbia statehood bill, H.R. 51, is passed without objection. Motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. [scattered applause]

By June 26, 2020

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives voted nearly along party lines on Friday to grant statehood to Washington, D.C., the first time a chamber of Congress has approved establishing the nation’s capital as a state.

The legislation, which is unlikely to advance in the Republican-led Senate, would establish a 51st state — Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, named in honor of Frederick Douglass — and allow it two senators and a voting representative in the House. The National Mall, the White House, Capitol Hill and some other federal property would remain under congressional jurisdiction, with the rest of the land becoming the new state.

The vote was 232 to 180, with every Republican and one Democrat voting “no.”

Republicans have long opposed the move to give congressional representation to the District of Columbia, where more than three-quarters of voters are registered Democrats, but the long-suffering movement for statehood, led by Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, the capital’s lone nonvoting delegate, has been pressing for a vote on the matter for years.

When Democrats assumed the House majority last year, Ms. Norton secured a promise from leaders to bring up the bill for the first time in more than a quarter-century.

Anger over the Trump administration’s handling of racial justice protests — particularly the use of federal officers in the city and the violent removal of protesters from Lafayette Square outside the White House — further galvanized advocates of statehood and cast a national spotlight on how much control the federal government retains over more than 700,000 residents in the District of Columbia.

“Over the last few months, the nation, and even the world, has witnessed the discriminatory and outrageous treatment of D.C. residents by the federal government,” Ms. Norton said on Friday on the House floor, where she was unable to cast a vote for the bill she championed. “The federal occupation of D.C. occurred solely because the president thought he could get away with it here. He was wrong.”

The bill, which passed along party lines, is not expected to become law. The White House issued a veto threat against it on Wednesday, declaring the measure unconstitutional.

Republicans in the Senate, where the legislation would have to meet a bipartisan 60-vote threshold to advance, have rejected the idea, arguing that if representation for its citizens was the sole issue, the District of Columbia should simply be absorbed into Maryland, another heavily Democratic state.

“Retrocession wouldn’t give the Democrats their real aim: two Democratic senators in perpetuity to rubber-stamp the swamp’s agenda, so you won’t hear them talk about it,” Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, said on Thursday in a lengthy diatribe on the floor.


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