Tearing Down Statues – vandalism or terrorism

So that’s allowed in the USA? I can go out and tear down a statue on public property without consequences? Am I living in Iraq?

I’m not a fan of statues or memorials or holocaust, slavery, CIA torture or presidential museums. The money could be better spent.

When forcing a regime change, statues are torn down, street signs replaced, history books rewritten to basically neutralize one race or ethnicity as non-existent in favor of another race or ethnicity.

That’s what the Jews are doing in Palestine, changing the Palestinians into Arabs, to erase their ethnicity, renaming large parts of Palestine as Israel and rewriting history so Jews reign supreme in a land called Palestine.

So black lives terrorists commit acts of terror on behalf of native Indians, because they didn’t like that Christopher Columbus took credit for discovering America – the Christopher Columbus who died in 1506. I thought the native Indians emigrated from China. I didn’t know they dropped out of the sky in America. They’re now calling him a racist, which justifies revenge actions against a man hundreds of years dead? And who pays for all that damage? Black lives don’t pay for the lives or the property they destroy. So who pays? The federal government they all love to hate?

Too bad you couldn’t achieve the privilege status you crave by engaging in something more positive than criminal, terrorist activity.

It sounds more to me like black lives terrorists are trying to increase their numbers and gain support from other groups by committing acts of terrorism for them, in this case native Indians who were originally natives of China. Those nations will be indebted to black lives forever.

That’s what the Islamic State (IS) does. Is that legal? Or only legal for certain people? Why didn’t native Indians do it themselves if it upset them so much?

The native Indians could have built their nations and thrived instead of succumbing to federal assistance programs, that do little except provide subsistence level living conditions. They could have produced product and opened up to other Indian nations including the USA and other foreign entities for trade. A nation can’t exist on basket-weaving.

What are they waiting for? Somebody to do it for them? Maybe Israel? Is the USA government locking down the Indian nations, to prevent them from leaving the reservations or receiving goods, or tearing up what they grow so they can’t feed themselves? Does the USA government limit or prevent inter-nation commerce or commerce with other states or countries?

Who pays for vandalism? The vandalizer or the one vandalized? Who pays for acts of terrorism? The terrorized or the terrorizer? Was anybody even arrested?

Racism works both ways. How do you think that tearing down another nation is going to raise you up? Independence costs money, time and effort. Preserving language and culture seems to be the main motivation of these native Indian communities. How is that going to make you survive and thrive? By wiping out the entire white history and race? It’s both prejudicial and discriminatory. Exactly what you accuse white people of doing, you’re doing yourselves.

Violence and the wiping out of races and ethnicities through terrorism is not progress. How about if the white people decided to destroy all they built through all the centuries? Like you tear down statues, they tear down buildings, businesses, tunnels, highways, bridges, the railroads, hospitals, universities, schools, libraries, all of it? Where would you be?

If I were you I would not be thanking black lives terrorists for tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus on your behalf. Like I said, if you didn’t like them, you should have done it yourselves. Now, who is your master?

Did black lives consult with you before they went on their global rampage on your behalf?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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