We The Colorless People

If the government gives relief to restaurants, why then should customers feel pressured to spend their stimulus checks at these restaurants? To stimulate the economy? Then how do we pay our bills, especially since prices are soaring across the board?

  • Why when the restaurants get money is it called RELIEF? Then when the non-business owners get money it’s called a STIMULUS?

People who don’t own businesses are out of work or working less, yet still have the same bills to pay.

Why give huge amounts of money to utilities that won’t result in lower payments for the individual customers? Why should utilities be more expensive because of the virus?

It seems everybody is blaming the virus on everything that’s wrong with their businesses and/or management styles.

It seems like businesses large and small are reaping the benefits, while those who are expected to sustain those businesses get hardly anything.

The starving populace needs your attention. It seems you can’t get it unless you burn a few cities costing taxpayers millions/billions of dollars.

Where’s the political party that supports the colorless non-criminals who don’t burn cities or jump the fences to live here incognito? How about them? Who has their backs?

No one. Trickle down doesn’t work for us. We don’t have leaders to go to bat for ‘we the colorless people’. We’re called racist if we state our needs too. We need to disown out own skin to be accepted by the people who have colored skin.

What political candidate is there for us? And please don’t tell us to join a terror organization to get benefits they’re getting through razing cities.

Did you know that most Black people don’t think Civil Rights are for White people? Most White people don’t think so either.

How long is the government going to allow the White-shaming on social media? Did you know that most Black people think that they can’t be prejudiced. That it’s impossible? And did you know that most Black people think they can’t be racist, because of their color? Racist applies only to people with color and white to them is not a color?

There is a huge racial bias in the USA against all White people that needs to be addressed and not tolerated in the media – social or professional.

We the colorless people demand equal time.

Nah, don’t worry we won’t burn cities. We can’t afford it. We’re not criminals and we’re not haters, so it looks like we’re being taken advantage of.

Besides, all that destruction equipment and those designer clothes and shoes and wigs cost money that we don’t have. We’re not entitlement thieves either. If we don’t have, we do without. We do the best we can with what we have to work with.

Black Lives call us White Privilege which is the same as White Trash, because we won’t join their terror organization.

We may be poorer than most, but we aren’t terrorists.

Don’t call me a hater, if you don’t know me.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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