Black Lives Terrorists Stigmatizing White People via Associated Press Antifa Operatives

Associated Press announced that in the interest of history and Black Lives they will capitalize Black peoples and lowercase white peoples making, at least in the printed word, white people less significant and unworthy of the same respect being afforded Black people – at least by the Associated Press.

I’m not sure to what color they assign everyone not African or European. The world isn’t only black and white or white and black or even a mix of black and white.

If they’re talking minority people, then white people worldwide are the minority race – if measuring them up against everybody else. I’m not even sure if Italy, Greece and Spain are considered white anymore. They used to be, but the Antifa Terrorists are slowly taking away their white color status. Most people aren’t sure who brown people are. Guess it depends on where you live, and if you’re exploiting your skin.

Essentially, by lowercasing white people it puts them below Black people – in the minds of Black Lives. That of course will make happy the multitudinous Black racists of the world.

You have to wonder who came up with such a childish strategy to in effect raise Black people higher than white people in importance as a remedy for discrimination. Changing one’s language is just a part of eliminating one’s history good and bad that all humans share.

It’s not unlike what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians, taking away their identity as a people so they no longer matter or exist as the Palestinian people.

The Jews now claim the Palestinians to be Arab – and have gone to great lengths to alter historical record keeping texts to reflect that change – a change that one group of Jews were able to execute over another group of people, because they had the power of their own people in the places to make that happen.

In future I won’t be surprised if Europe disappears along with the white race altogether. That’s the plan of the black Supremacists. And it’s clear now that the Associated Press is party to that black Supremacist plan.

This most recent move supports my view that Black Lives don’t want equality, they want to Lord over lowercase white people.

Capitalizing Black also sends the message of wanting capital – money. And to control the capitols of every country on the planet. That is some expansive territorial aspiration.

I’m right again. It’s all about money, land and total control over governments. It’s not about equality reforms.

What this all means is that history determines whether a race or ethnicity gets capitalized or not – according to the racist writers working at Associated press.

I say, based on the contributions Whites made to the advancement of global civilization plus all the engineering, invention, industrialization, agriculture, scientific advances, space exploration, medical cures and on and on, then they certainly deserve a capital letter, if indeed capital letters are going to become a race-based issue at all.

And it seems that the people working for Associated Press have gone and done the the unthinkable – openly admitted they would discriminate against an entire race of people by reducing them in value to a lowercase letter.

Only small simple minded people with agendas to hurt, disrupt and destroy would suggest that all races were not deserving of respect, no matter the scope of their respective contributions.

This is Black Lives Terrorists white-shaming again. This time through the Associated Press.

Would you lowercase Russians? Spell check on iPhone won’t let you. How about Jews? Nope can’t do that. Irish? Nope. Asian? No. How about European? Not that either. Try Hispanic. Nope. Now try white people. Yes. Try black people. Yes. How about red people? Same. And yellow people? Same. So by capitalizing Black and not every other color, AP is giving black people a higher status in importance than all other colors, though they name only white as being lower-cased.

Although I usually capitalize color when not used as an adjective, unless I forget now and then, most people don’t take the time to show respect to all colors equally. I even capitalize Black Lives Terrorists.

Imagine the arrogance associated with a leading news source for media outlets discriminating against an entire race of people based on a small part of their history – a history that all peoples share.

Perhaps these prejudice-ridden writers and personnel over at AP News don’t know that slavery started in Africa – black on black – long before white people existed.

Perhaps they don’t know that slavery still exists worldwide and Blacks and Hispanics and Chinese are leading players in those profitable industries.

Slavery is also common in gay communities around the world – something most gays fear talking about, since it’s usually operated by the Gay Mafia. Didn’t know about that either, did you?

White peoples can’t solve all the world’s problems. Perhaps that’s another prejudice on the part of the Associated Press, that they have higher expectations for white people than for all other colors.

Trying to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of worthiness of certain readers in addition to reporting the news makes one wonder about the accuracy, reliability and integrity of the actual news part of each story reported.

ALL RACES MATTER whether the racists of the world like it or not. I’d say keep your personal prejudices out of your news articles. And do your research unencumbered by your own hatred. News Media Outlets need to stay out of the mind-controlling business unless they want to shift their focus to horoscopes.

Oh yeah, and ditch the phrase ‘if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem’.

Who are you to assign roles to races and groups and individuals? Sounds too domineering for my tastes. Yeah I know everybody wants to dominate everybody else. The thing is, do you know your complicity in perpetuating prejudice and discrimination by weaponizing favoritism in the media? Maybe it’s the brainchild of Madison Avenue pandering to race to increase sales from advertisements.

It’s nobody’s job to find a solution to why people mistrust each other. Frankly, racist or not, most people are not trustworthy, and groups even less so.


The Associated Press can be replaced by an association that treats everyone as worthy of respect – without preconditions. Don’t think it can’t.

To consciously and purposely disrespect an entire race of people is beyond the comprehension of civilized fair-minded people of all races. That you can only name two races and designate one of them as superior over the other puts you in the uncivilized biased category.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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