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Animal-Free Chef Presidential Endorsement

The Animal-Free Chef hereby endorses Donald J. Trump for President of these United States of America on this 14th day of July in the year 2020.

Long Live America.

~ signed by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight on this great day for All The World to see.

Animal-Free Chef contributes a plan

The Republicans didn’t convince me. Nor did the Green or Libertarian parties.

The Democrats convinced me slowly but surely over four long, torturous years that Donald J. Trump is the only person strong enough to withstand the assaults from an hysterical world in need of leadership and resources, where all citizens of the world matter, and where taking care of family first is every person’s duty.

Strong families make strong nations.

We are all equally worthy partners.

It is my fervent hope that all animals other than the human animal will be afforded the respect they deserve by being given a seat at the table of considerations and not for the purpose of being served up on a platter.

I urge Democrats across the nation and in all groups to vote this one time Republican, which should give Democrats four more years in which to grow as an inclusive party, including all people, and not just those who are in need of social services.

It takes everyone in the family to make the family thrive. To focus on one or two family members to the exclusion of the others creates long term resentments that create long term friction, which hold the family back, rather than propel the family forward.

In the meanwhile, four years of cooperation rather than division would prove to the members of the party, who were neglected by the constant infighting and never-ending strategies to destroy rather than build, that Democrats are willing to work as an all inclusive family to make this nation strong while simultaneously considerate of all its members.

This is done by the consideration of ALL LIVES affected by the laws passed allowing for each individual to survive and thrive in an open, honest and free environment.

Long Live The Five Principles to a Better Life: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the the other if left unchecked.

We all have a multitude of prejudices. Prejudging is a survival mechanism that all animals exhibit and is a tool in all areas of problem solving, when used in a meaningful way.

Once out of prejudice and into the realm of discrimination chaos ensues. We all discriminate by choosing one over the other of any thing and any one.

Discrimination becomes enslavement when policies and laws benefit one group over another whereby the ones in the less favorable group have no way out. Forms of enslavement are multitudinous. Total control over one’s behavior or actions or even thought processes is more common in the world than one likes to think.

If enslavement doesn’t end the affected parties become tortured – treated inhumanely and without regard for their pain and suffering.

If tortured long enough the torture leads to death.

So, we go back to prejudice where we see what went wrong and why.

There is good prejudice and bad prejudice = good judgments and bad judgments./sldt


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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