SENIOR LIVES MATTER – stop disrespecting seniors.

CLEVELAND: Stop demanding to see a photo ID to take a bus with a senior pass.

It’s demeaning and dangerous. Why should every senior have to show a photo ID, because non-senior thieves are buying senior passes? Card the non-senior. What, Blacks think all Whites look the same age?

Black bus drivers target White seniors, some even make them take the ID out of its protective plastic covering acting like cops.

Senior and non-senior 5 ride passes look exactly the same. Yet the cost is different. It’s 6.25 for senior and ??? for non-senior. Stop carding all seniors. Or make the passes look different.

The machine recognizes the card is for a senior so will ask for a photo ID. Many times by the time a senior presents the pass plus the ID the driver takes off with a start that knocks the senior over onto the floor, so they’ve come to know to stay standing holding the pole till the bus stops again. That’s senior abuse.

There’s a push to make fares free for Black kids.

Nobody ends up in the juvenile detention system because of tickets accrued for stealing bus rides. Since when does a kid look like a senior? Are your bus drivers blind?

They’ll steal cars if they can’t steal bus rides to get to the other side of town. What’s on the other side of town anyway? That’s how they end up in the system, by stealing a car, not by stealing bus rides. But then again, Cleveland allows black people to steal white people’s cars.

Teach your kids some discipline. Stay in the neighborhood if you can’t afford a ride.

Stop passing laws that only benefit black people. It’s discrimination based on race, against the white race.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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