Where Are The Real White People?

You won’t see them on T.V. ever. Not in the past, not now, not in the future.

I say this every time some black African whom nobody knows or ever heard of gets killed by a Euro police officer and cities spontaneously burn in response.

  • Not actually spontaneously. It just appears spontaneous to the city or the world that wasn’t privy to the planning process. In a flash there goes the city.

No one is getting the white peoples’ view. Just like always, it’s only the black peoples’ view. That’s discrimination. Why, if blacks are warring against whites, don’t blacks want to hear what whites have to say about it all? Because it’s a terrorist movement, meant to control, not to negotiate or understand.

Black Lives terrorized White Lives into silence, by burning cities around the world. How is it that the world thinks white people in America can change the prison systems in the likes of Thailand, Africa, North Korea, Iran, Israel and on and on? wWho told whom that white people had that power? They don’t.

The fact that some whites participated in the carnage doesn’t matter; it’s a black against white movement, and the entire world sees it that way. The protestors claim it’s against the police, but it’s white people taking the beatings.

The government let them burn the cities, knowing the financial burden would be passed onto the majority of taxpayers, for the purpose of silencing White voices. Why?

The government wants to be their voice. They want to call the shots. That’s why you’ll never see a regular white person speak on race – no matter the view – without another white person shouting them down. That’s how well-trained white people are.

The CIA has their white operatives everywhere, and everywhere white people gather, they give the views of the State, while the real people stand down as usual.

This time however, white people aren’t going to stand down. They’re sick and tired of the government being their voice, when all it does is allow Black Lives to continue to savage their views and defame them every time one speaks. Where’s the Anti-defamation League on defaming white people because of their race? Nowhere to be found.

Those white talking heads on T.V.? Their scripts are written by the government.

When real White power is unleashed? It won’t be by the traditional German and Russian Jewish supremacists, that everybody sees in the movies, dotting the landscape of every prison.

It will be an honest-to-goodness grass roots response to decades of being falsely accused and abused, while living in fear of what black peoples will be allowed to do next.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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